In these beautiful years…the emotions of Naga Ginestra

Mar 09, 12 In these beautiful years…the emotions of Naga Ginestra

A few days ago, I went to Somachandra Café to get some water: sounds, words… scents. Then a young community member smiled at me, looked me in the eyes and said, “Naga, why don’t you write about your emotions anymore? They touched me so deeply.” I looked at him with tenderness and simply said to him, “It’s true.”

Right after this brief dialog, something happened inside me, and it brought me to reflect upon his words. What was stopping me from writing again? Shyness? Lack of self-trust? Fear of judgement?

Naga e Fringuello

I went back to my pranatherapy studio and right away, I began writing, sensing that my shyness was disappearing. I was feeling myself ever lighter as the memories came back to mind. Life is emotion that guides the expression of every moment, a heartbeat of love that unites. In these many years of life dedicated with IMG_2132devotion, Damanhur has been and is for me a great dream that continues to bring me so many emotions every day.

It’s like this that I try to live and grow in my spirit and mind with much effort and energy, choosing with simplicity and silence to listen to Damanhur and my People. The intoxication of nature entices me with its flow and makes me remember my pathway, past and faraway, but present within me: the joy of living, of smiling, people with illnesses whom I have cared for using herbs and flowers from nature.

Still today, I continue the experience with healing and pranatherapy. All throughout these beautiful years, don’t be surprised if I say I am still very much in love with Damanhur. I have harvested many experiences, sensitivity, and so much love and so many precious gems, which I add every time to the chalice of my life.

Life is beautiful if you know how to harvest the nectar and scent of every instant. Now that I am 76 years old, I breathe the wisdom of a pathway, a long path that despite the years, I have always traveled with the same intensity, enriched by other precious pearls that I now I want to give to others. I am still learning, every day, though what I want to say is: the Popolo is a big, beating heart. Of all things, I want to say thank you to Fringuello, my partner of 53 years, who has wrapped me in his arms… and loved me.Naga e Fringuello foto storica

~Naga Ginestra

Naga Ginestra is a Spiritual Healer and has lived in Damanhur for 32 years. She and her husband Fringuello Papiro, who is 83 years old and still active and passionate about caring for plants, gardens and nature, live together in the nucleo community Porta della Luna (Door of the Moon).





  1. Uva /

    Naga, thank you for all the Love you are, give, and shine into your surroundings. I so appreciate your spirit. Con Te Uva

  2. qiana glaze /

    just wanted to say hello from manitou springs co. it is wierd that in a span of a week i have been told about your town from to very independant sources, one is someone who came to visit your town and just brought it up out of the blue the other is a band mate who just got a connection with a dancer. i feel silly writing this to you but im doing it any way cause the synchronicity is pretty interesting and i had not heard of this place before and i am very curious about this. my best traveling experiences have been through these kinds sync

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