Experimentation with Music of the Plants continues

Apr 13, 12 Experimentation with Music of the Plants continues

For several month now at Damjl, we have been doing new research about the world of plants, creating a greenhouse with various kinds of experiments regarding the plant kingdom, from cultivation techniques to technological systems. One of the greenhouses has been converted into a kind of laboratory, in which we are cultivating many kinds of plants, especially flowers, rare and ornamental plants. We would like to emphasize the artistic and beautiful aspects of what nature produces.

Selfica for plantsIn the greenhouse, we have activated equipment for making Music of the Plants, with one or two plants who perform in turn. We are verifying the behavioral differences amongst the various green “musicians.” We intend to stimulate and improve the growth of all the plants present in the greenhouse through the music that is produced. Some of them have suffered from the winter cold and are there in care and healing.

One of the experiments that is happening is about the influence of Selfica on plants. We have planted Dahlia seeds in three identical pots with the same soil, each positioned close to one another. They are watered at the same time and in the same way. We placed a Self for plants in only one of the pots. Right now in that pot, theresprouting is more germination with respect to the plants in the other pots. A similar experiment is underway with two other pots with other flowers, one with a Self and one without.

In another area, a hundred tomato plants were sown. Near some of the plants, we placed imaginative copper structures with spirals or symbols in Sacred Language that mean “abundance,” “joy,” and “victory.” We are observing if there are any differences in the germination and growth of these plants as well.

by Camaleonte Oleandro

Want to see the Music of the Plants? Watch a popular video about our Singing Plants!

Music of the Plants experimental greenhouse





  1. This is wonderful to see happening and should be of great interest to many visitors. I wish I was there to participate on the experiments. Since my last visit to Damanhur, when I witnessed the experiments being done with plants and the course I did with the trees, my relationship to the plant kingdom has become enhanced to such an intimate level. I so love listening to my cd of music from the plants. All the best, keep up this fantastic experimentation.

    • Robin,

      Please let us know when you are coming back! You are more than welcome to come visit the greenhouse!


  2. Oh this is such wonderful news. Since my visit to Damanhur in 2007 my relationship to the plant kingdom has changed dramatically, especially since I purchased one of your early models of the equipment used for the plant music. My teacher plant has been teaching me alot and it has been a loving work in progress all these years. Hopefully someday soon I will be able to put on educational performances at the local botanical gardens so people can learn more about our connection to this loving, supporting kingdom. My gratitude to you for all your groundbreaking work and for allowing me to experience it here in the USA. Namaste’

    • Congratulations on your wonderful initative! Please let us know how it goes at the botanical gardens. We have done Music of the Plants events at the botanical garden in Florence, Italy. Such a beautiful and vibrant setting.


  3. Liz Welch /

    Thank you for this lovely article and for all your work with the plants! I too would like to visit your greenhouse sometime. It would be easy for me as I live in Valchiusella. I am also experimenting with plant communication and through making essences I am learning how to feel the spirits of plants. I have not yet heard the music of the plants and I would like to experience this unusual form of communication. I wish you well with your wonderful work.

    • Fantastic! If this is your first time visiting Damanhur, please be in touch with our Welcome Office through…
      and they can help you to organize. While you are here, you can experience the Temples of Humankind as well.

      If you have already been here, you can come back to see the greenhouse, contacting Camaleonte for an appointment … camaleonte@damanhur.it. He is the author of the article and one of our main Music of the Plants researchers.

      take care!

  4. I am happy to read about your further progress with the vibrations of the plants, this time including some exotic flowers, too! I cherish the memory of my second visit to Damanhur two years ago when we listened to the music of the trees with a large group of participants from several countries, and not an eye remained dry! Ever since I seem to hear the same music on my daily walks through the woods of Connecticutt. I think of you all often with great fondness a look forward to my approaching retirement when I will be able to keep in closer touch with you and participate in your experiments.

    With much love,

    • Magda,

      Music of the Plants always seems to create such an emotionally full moment of contact and spirit, also between the people present. Very precious. I am glad to know that soon you will be free to be with us more and participate! Looking forward to welcoming you back to Damanhur.


  5. Kathy Isbell /

    How wonderful to see the folks at Damanhur getting in to plants this way! I have often thought plants must be a superior life form. They have been around much longer than our species and in the Akashic records they must certainly have accumulated more experiential knowledge than we have had time to do. Their way of absorbing energy directly from the sun (photosynthesis) is so much more gentle and efficient than the way we get energy ( by killing – whether it be plant or animal) which seems so primitive and brutal. I have often wished I could photosynthesize!
    Anyone who would like to know more about the world of plants might want to check out either the book or the movie ‘The Secret Life of Plants’ or ‘a really old book ‘Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain’. Each of these explore knowledge, memory and feelings in plants and come up with some amazing results. Or, for those of us who already have a certain relationship with plants, not amazing, just results that prove what we already knew on some level.
    I have always felt that flowers are the physical manifestation of prayer and proof that the universe loves beauty and a certain sort of extravagance! I hear flowers through my nose. They speak to me of calm, hope and imagination especially at sundown when they speak the loudest. There is no cathedral ever built that could honor God or house the sacred in a more majestic or living way than a forest does.
    Plants know us. They recognize individuals. They respond to us, to our moods, our words, our intentions and our very vibrations. Once, decades ago, when I was depleted of energy and watering my plants, I spoke harshly to my plants accusing them of laziness, all taking and no giving! What have YOU done lately? I said out loud! Oddly enough they answered me and it frightened me a bit. Their answer came in the form of what I can only think was some sort of energy transfer. For the next three days and two nights I was madly productive, alive and happy ! I did not sleep for the next two nights in a row and was busy all day with my two small children. I am not bi-polar or manic depressive but feared that when I did finally sleep it would be a bad ‘crash’. On the third night I went to sleep easily and slept soundly still expecting the worst. I woke up the next day feeling utterly refreshed and present to my life. I was shocked. I looked around at my plants and was afraid that I must have drained my plants of all their energy and they would soon start dying! But they didn’t die. All that clean, clear energy I got after yelling at them was a gift, a gift I have not taken for granted nor asked for lightly or often since.
    So, cheers to all the plant lovers at Damanhur and around the world!
    Since visiting Damanhur with my wonderful, lifelong friend Michele Gallant some time ago both she and my beautiful son/sun Ra have left their physical bodies.
    I hope it is OK to ask anyone who reads this and is so inclined to send some love or prayers to these two loving and heroic individuals. Thank you.

    • Thank you for sharing, Kathy! Our experience with plants over the years has shown that they are indeed conscious beings. All the best to you and your loved ones.


  6. I am intrigued by this talk of sacred language. Is it a language that is known, like Kaurna or Luwian? Is it something else?

    • From what I understand, the Sacred Language that is researched and used in Damanhur is an ancient archetypal language that predates current human languages. It can be represented in many ways, with written symbols and ideograms, with spoken syllables for each word that can be read, sung in songs, recited in prayers and rituals, and also danced in Sacred Dance, with each gesture representing a word, like a prayer in movement.

  7. https://www.facebook.com/groups/329992393733776/

    Hi folks, inspired by this video, I started to conduct research on plant signals myself, I have started FB group containing documents about my progress and the observations I have made. Plant Friends, please add me as a friend (Bo Anicca) or enter the facebook group to exchange experiences. Will try to work as good as I can together with other people and damanhurians to gain wisdom through this work.

    • Thanks for sharing this with us, Bo! I hope your experimentation brings you valuable insights.

      We’ll continue sharing how Music of the Plants research progresses through this blog and our Facebook page…
      Please ‘like’ us and stay connected!

      con te!

  8. I am impressed! Congratulations!

    I would like to start experimenting, too… Do you have an affordable starting kit? I have a Yamaha keyboard with midi input…

    Thanks so much for sharing this.


    • Dear Hernan,

      Hi! Thanks for writing. There are developments in the works in that direction, though nothing available to the public just yet. Please stay in touch and we’ll let everyone know as soon as there is such a Music of the Plants device available. All the best…


  9. Sharon /

    Thank you for sharing the Singing Plant video. It’s a very good idea to demonstrate how people can connect to plants & our nature. It provides a communication platform and visualizes the plant-human linkage. I’m working in a botanic garden and would like to see if I can set up one in our greenhouse to show visitors that we can communicate with plants. Could you please advise what kinds of equipment will be needed? Many thanks

    • Dear Sharon, Hi! Thanks for getting in touch. Music of the Plants concerts have happened in the botanical gardens at Florence. How beautiful to think it could happen in different parts of the world! I will send you an email with details about the equipment.

      all the best, con te!

  10. John Macdonald /

    Hi Quaglia. Any update on the device to be made available to the public? I can’t find anything after your post from last June.

    • Con te John. Quaglia is currently working on other projects. The best thing to do would be to contact us directly so that you can be put in touch with one of the researchers working on the device. There is an available unit that can be bought for personal use. Contact us for more information.

  11. Dear Friends,
    I used to ask willowtrees to check wether their relatives (the willows in my garden 500 miles from the place where I live) needed water in very hot summers, so I could ask our neighbors to give them water if needed. I hear the trees speak in my head, just like people in ordinary language. One day I was in Germany having a coffee somewhere and decided to check on my trees and contacted a willow, some 10 yards away. Guess what? That tree spoke German !!! But was perfectly capable of telling me how my trees were doing. i laughed my head of for that was totally unexpected!
    What I would like is the tecnical details of installing the device to hear my plants sing. Could you give me that information please? It doesn’t look hard, I just don’t know what is needed to transform the energies into sound.
    love and Light from the Netherlands,

    • Con te Annemieke. What a wonderful capability you have, a true tree medium. Thanks for sharing your stories.

      For more information about the device for the Music of the Plants, contact us directly and we will have one of our researchers contact you. Please check back and tell us about your experiences.


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