Falco, 63, founder and inspiration of Damanhur, passed away yesterday, after a sudden and brief illness. We were somehow waiting for this event, because in mid-March, Falco alluded to his health problems in an article in our daily newspaper, and subsequently, his decline was more visible every day. In honoring his wishes, we only share this information with you now.

Up until the final weeks, his illness barely affected his work pace. He continued to conduct two animated, public gatherings a week, on Thursdays and Fridays. He met with many Damanhurians to pass down knowledge on pranoself, the Temples of Humankind and the research he has been personally carrying out.

In recent meetings, as had been going on for many months now, he repeatedly invited us to grow friendship and affection between Damanhurians, to grow a feeling of love among the people of Damanhur in order to achieve the “superindividual”. This was the theme most close to his heart at this stage of our history.

We are touched, we feel close to him and close to each other. Our commitment and our desire are to continue Damanhur according to the ideals that have guided his teaching, to develop the dream that always motivates us and has accompanied us thus far.

On Damanhur’s website, you can find a reminder of Falco.

Flag: Death in Damanhur

We thank you for your love and support in this time of great transition and we welcome your thoughts and feelings.



  1. recieve my condolens our last puppy was named falco in respect.

  2. Gracie /


  3. What a beautiful spirit! His love is ever present. Infinite love to all.

  4. Gitta /

    Sending you love and peace. In my thoughts and very grateful, Con Voi!

  5. Milena /

    His work continues in the hearts of Damanhurians…Love to all

  6. Erin Scott /

    Grace. Infinite and grounded appreciated is flowing.

  7. Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal. — Irish saying

    My heart is happy knowing that you are a shiny star in the sky Falco.
    With love to my Damanhurian family.

  8. Kadri Allikmäe /

    Thank you Falco. Con te! Thank you for your amazing presence and all the knowledge you shared!
    Con voi Damanhuriani!

  9. Deb Hansen /

    Holding you all in love and light during this transition.

  10. Uva /

    Falco Con Te, now you are on your well deserved vacation and all Damanhurians will work hard to continue your and their dream, for a conscious, loving, and peaceful humanity. You will always shine for us, and we will give our best to shine for you and each other. We love you!

  11. TerraCeleste /

    <3 Falco's is an amazing and inspiringly creative life's story, may his be told for a long time <3

  12. Paloma Vita /

    Sending you all all my condolences for your loss. At the same time, I cannot help but feel excited for Falco himself as he transitions into the ultimate adventure. I am sure he is now closer to the Source of All his Inspiration. What a magical soul and powerful purpose he achieved on earth. So much love to all Damanhurians <3

  13. Takuya Okada /

    Sorry for his loss. Deepest condolences…

  14. Ryan Wartena /

    Blessings for your inspiration and vision. Shall we always spiral.

  15. renata /

    dancing with Angels …and rest in peace

  16. Klaus /

    love, peace and light … with gratefulness for his work …
    may his spirit and engagement and love be the compass for the ship Damanhur …

  17. Herlinde /

    Con te, Falco
    Thank you so much that you always were with us. And I know, you will be with us every time.
    With grateful love for you and people in Damanhur and friends all over the world: WE ARE ONE.

  18. Peter W. /

    Thank’s for your support to remind us at the richness of our previous lifes. Because of the direction you’ve given with your work now we as humankind can look optimistic in our future.

    Peter W.

  19. Mara /

    Con te , Falco . Joyful transitioning.and many blessings for your future adventures. I am grateful for Damanhur and all your work in bringing this dream into reality.

    I would like to echo Paloma Vita’s words and the sentiments expressed here by others. Much love to Falco’s magical soul. I see picture him zooming off to projects and dimensions new – a bit like Doctor Who . Love love love to all Damanhurians. xxx Con Voi.

  20. Wendy Cavaghan /

    My heart is breaking. Falco was such a lovely man. I was only in Damanhur for 2 years but I feel his loss very keenly. His knowledge was extraordinary, his inspiration reaching out around the globe. But he taught his Damanhuriani well, and I have no doubt Damanhur will not falter and Falco’s very important work will go on. Damanhur is already a beacon of light – let it become more so. Con te dearest Falco. Con voi Damanhuriani.

  21. Astrid /

    I have not a lot of words, just feelings for you all. Lots of love.

  22. Liza Devine /

    Dear friends in Damanhur Falco’s passing and his message to all of us to be with each other in love and friendship has touched me deeply. He was a true humanitarian and his legacy , like his life, is powerful and beautiful . His magical spirit will stay with us always Con voi

  23. Racheal Lowe /

    63 years young way to early, flying high above us all love to you. Racheal

  24. We are sad to learn of Falco’s passing and feel the loss as well. We wish you peace and that his vision will radiate through your hearts and bring you comfort. Damanhur is a special place with special people and relationships. We wish you well on your continued journey together and will look towards your community for inspiration.

  25. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your inspiration and great work, Falco. Thank you Damanhur and the Temples of Humankind for being a shining example of a loving, peaceful and joyous humanity!

  26. Michele Rivers /

    My love to all of you at Damanhur.
    Con te Falco.

  27. Much love Falco! I know you are an amazing traveler and so I can only try to imagine where you are now. Whereaver you are will be better for your presence. I can’t help but wonder when you will return into a new vessel and there will be such joy at Damanhur to herald your return…!
    As a recording artist Cybervixen, I wrote and recorded a song for the Damanhurian’s called “Mists of Time” which was an ode to the amazing beings there and the incredible healing work they are doing for us all on earth. Thank-you Falco, con te’…!


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