Parallel paths to peace

Apr 03, 14 Parallel paths to peace

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Sabine Lichtenfels, co-founder of Tamera, author and activist in international peace work, spiritual research, and truth in love and eros, returned to Damanhur after 14 years and discovered transformations and parallels with her community.

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Love and marriage: an esoteric perspective

Feb 14, 14 Love and marriage: an esoteric perspective

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At Damanhur, marriage revives the spiritual significance of walking a path together as unique souls on a shared journey of awakening, and it highlights the importance of free will and choice in initiating and moving forward in relationship…

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Petals: Poems by Goblin Cotone

Petals. For some they are colors, for others they are love, What are they for you?

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A special summer – the birth of the SuperIndividual

Woven around the example of Falco, we enter into an important summer to really learn to love each other and become one – together – united.

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Now is the time!

Doctor Karen Lanphear visited Damanhur in 2012 as a Temporary citizen, now she comes back to deepen

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A Little Place Called Love (poem)

Tim Schoonhoven from the Netherlands bid good-bye to Damanhur after three months as a New Life temporary citizen. He wanted to share his experiences with us, but found it difficult to write about all …

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