Why I dropped out of art school

Art School with a spiritual dimension and underground Temples.

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I love Damanhurian music

Why Damanhurian music differs from the norm.

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Some of the Nucleo Communities of Damanhur

Along the narrow roads weaving through the luxurious hills of the Valchiusella valley, it’s often easy to spot a Damanhurian nucleo. You might see a mosaic of stones on an old wall, a colorful mural or flag, or the curving shapes of Sacred Language in the ironwork gates. Some nucleos are close to the road, others are surrounded by...

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Damanhurian Art Canons

Feb 03, 12 Damanhurian Art Canons

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I recently discovered during a forum with Damanhurian artists that there are certain canons that define Damanhurian art: Make art inspired by Damanhurian art, unique and pioneering a new culture! Use Sacred Language. Sacred Language is present in many of the arts and in the Temples of Humankind in a variety of manifestations. Use...

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