Magical Instruments of Damanhur

In the beginning of February, Niatel – the Selfic painting gallery in Damanhur Crea – will offer a special exhibition of select Magical Instruments of Damanhur. This exhibition is open to the public and curated by Damanhur’s Way of the Oracle, in collaboration with Niatel. Contacting the magical instruments is an...

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Recreate the alliance between humans and the plant world

Remembering Pan, the Earth God: Reconnecting with our Living Ecology Through Activating our Relationship with Trees Last October, contemporaneously in California and Japan, a worldwide action inspired and coordinated by Damanhur started to create an aware connection between the plant world and that of humans. It includes practical...

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Tree orientation, Gaia and Selfic technology

Jan 06, 12 Tree orientation, Gaia and Selfic technology

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Human presence and intention are indispensable to re-establish the spiritual connection with the tree world, an alliance our species broke, forgetting that we are all part of the same living and spiritual eco-system. The Selfic technology developed at Damanhur mediates our intention, translating it into a signal the trees can grasp...

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