Change the myth,
change the world

It is interesting to note that the creation of the myths was the natural reaction of men to the challenges of life, as if the...

Yes!And… with Cynthia James

This episode is with Cynthia James, International speaker, transformational coach and bestselling author who helps women step into their full potential.

Reawakening the Feminine

How can we learn something from ancient myths to help us in this day and age, when all the major paradigms keep changing so much and so fast?

Sif, the Goddess
with the Hair of Gold

If today's world is based on separation, it is because there is fear, and fear is the result of insecurity, of the worry of not being able to cope with everything that happens. Sif sends us a message of trust and wise confidence, in ourselves and others.

The speed of the trees

...We firmly believe two things: the first, is that the trees and the plant creatures in the their complexities are not only...

Falco Tarassaco:
How does thought influence the physical world?

Falco Tarassaco, the founder of Damanhur, met the guests each Friday, responding to their questions.
In this video he answers a question about how thought influences the physical world.

I wake up and dream!

As often happens for the activities of the human being that are considered "border line" today, the dream world has been very present in the culture of peoples of the past. The most attentive dreamers of whom we have traced are probably the...

The Temples told by:
David Pearl

In this series we invite people who come to Damanhur to talk about their own experience of visiting the Temples of Humankind. In this video David Pearl, experience engineer and author talks about the Temples and the importance of a new story for humanity.

Oracle of January 2019

Love and sweetness help to complete what is needed to make the alchemy of the Epagomenoi dense in a process of true transformation.

Why are epagomenal days so important?

An ancient Egyptian myth tells that in order for Nut to give birth to Osiris, Thoth added additional days to the solar calendar...

Androgyny: an ideal

Androgyny means for every man to awaken his feminine part and for every woman to awaken her masculine part.

Falco Tarassaco:
Where do you think the current economic crisis will lead?

Falco Tarassaco, the founder of Damanhur, met the guests each Friday, responding to their questions.
Here he answers to a question about what he things will happen with society seeing the economic crisis in the world.

Yes!And… with Oleg Cherne

The guest in this episode is Oleg Cherne, aka Ben Chelero, aka Chom: many names for his many personalities and roles. Oleg is a Tao master, a spiritual teacher, an explorer, a...

A connection among humans and divine beings

Jimmu Tenno is a hero who becomes human, a divine descendant who, once he realized the task that was assigned to him, gave space to his human side, which called him to the duty of governing the kingdom that he has built.

A Myth whispering answers

Jimmu Tenno shows us that in its primordial meaning, politics is divine. It is the capacity to translate spiritual concepts into a way of living.

Art is always sacred

What are the moments in which I am an artist, in which I express my talents and connect them to the energy that surrounds us?

Falco, do you have a plant name?

Falco Tarassaco, the founder of Damanhur, met the guests each Friday, responding to their questions.
In this video he answers a question about if he has a plant name like the other damanhurians, and what the importance of a name is.

How much of Falco is in Damanhur

... How many things have we created that depend on us and that others can not develop on their own?

Why I came to Damanhur:
Camaleonte Oleandro

...there was something that fascinated him with the more intuitive and magical world...

The role of the Enemy

Different spiritual paths, including ours, are convinced of the existence of an enemy force that wants to...

Oracle of december 2018

The Oracle of December is dedicated to our awareness in taking action, to reinforce the separation of planes.

Interview with a Sound Healer this interview with Esperide, Suntara and Rosarmy talk about travelling the world on the waves of healing sounds...

From Doubt to Certainty

...the doubt, in the Damanhurian vision, it is not the element that puts distance between us and things, slowing us down and causing us to be cautious, but on the contrary it is the intelligent procedure to confront each theme, every situation, every ideal, to establish our links with them...

Magic exists… for those who believe in it

...but in reality this approach ignores something profoundly true: magic does exist and manifests itself above all for those who...

The Myth is Now

The wisdom of humanity is preserved in the myths that we as human beings have always told. These myths are alive now, just as they were in the past, because myth does not have time. Myth is today, not yesterday. We live in a fluid time where...

Religious Mythology

We live in very interesting times. We are at a threshold between the crashing down of old myths and the creation of new ones. Who will create them?

Falco Tarassaco:
Why is Self-sufficiency important in Damanhur?

Falco Tarassaco, the founder of Damanhur, met the guests each Friday, responding to their questions.
In this video he answers a question about the importance to be self sufficient in Damanhur, a goal to reach through the pilot project called "Olio Caldo", meaning hot oil.

Wake up,
you are

When we dream, we do not enter a world completely disconnected from that of the waking: the two realities are closely linked, even if...

Astrology Forecast
December 2018

The Sun starts at 8 ° in Sagittarius and on the 21st it enters Capricorn. At the end of the month it will be...

Why I came to Damanhur: Antilope Verbena

Antilope came to Damanhur 35 years ago, at the time she was 21. She was working as a nurse and had a health problem that no medicine or therapy could heal. This is when she first...