In Damanhur you can often participate in our art courses with several levels. There is an Art School Basic Course that is held over two days, offered by our instructors who are artists and painters of the Temples of Humankind. During the last art course, there was a group of about 20 people who came from Israel for the occasion.

foto3By using many techniques and materials, the participants created their own hand-crafted objects, and at the same time, they entered into contact with the parts of themselves that are quite deep within and sometimes hidden.
About this theme, Falco Tarassaco said, “Thanks to the art, each of us can dare to express the maximum of our
invested personal power, discovering talents, developing some individual characteristics and capacities. Art is not just painting and sculpting. There is also poetry, word, dance, directing theatre scenes, making costumes, creating thousands of different kinds of music, where the voice of each person may be a key for opening to courageous seeking and discovery.”

The final aesthetic result is not so important, because art is the means more than the objective, especially in the basic course where participants may be having their first experience of painting, sculpture or writing.

foto4bisThe energy changes in intensity over the two days, both on an inner and group level. It goes to show how art is the perfect tool to stimulate people in ancient and new skills, and fresh, intense feelings of amazement, fun and sometimes embarrassment.

Art, expressed in this way, puts what we are made of to the test.

Artistic “courage” art can help us to open and share something of ourselves, which can become a wealth of experience for ourselves and for others.

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