It’s clear that this is an urgent time for humanity, for awakening our capacity to come back into harmony, with each other, with nature, to create sustainable structures and channels of connection beyond dividing lines of diversity. We need a revolution and we won’t get there by doing the same things that we have always done, that everyone else is doing.

At Damanhur we take advantage of the moments when most everyone is taking time off. We come together and take action, steering the helm of humanity toward a deeper connection with divinity and a future of peace and prosperity.

There is an Italian holiday called Ferragosto on August 15th, and each year while others are feasting and relaxing, midnight-actionDamanhurians are united in the Temples of Humankind for the Terrazzatura celebration, doing volunteer maintenance and artwork to bring out an impulse of devotion and the creation of something beautiful to change the world we live in. There is a big lunch feast that day, so we do find a balance between collective effort and good food and celebration!

On New Year’s Eve, we do the same, coming together in the Temples to be creative and productive during Midnight Action on December 31st, laughing together and celebrating while doing restoration work and painting, using voice and making music before a reverent Winter Cornucopia ritual in the Hall of the Earth just before midnight. Connect with community and a sense of gratitude, send positive thoughts and energy for a new year and a new world in 2017. You are welcome to be with us at midnight on New Year’s Eve and every day of the year.

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