We live in a truly amazing time when ancient wisdom finds confirmation in science with quantum physics discoveries. In Damanhur Spiritual Physics is a way of looking at how the world works, exploring the spiritual laws that govern the Universe, asking questions about how they interact and how they differ from one Universe to another.

It is a fascinating field where you can encounter questions such as: What is the true nature of time? How are dreams connected to the spiritual laws of the Universe? If Spiritual Physics intrigues you, please do consider reading the book about it.

We love sharing our research and experience with others as a way of exchanging knowledge and increasing understanding. This is why we invited the well-known researcher Nassim Haramein to Damanhur. He is the founder and research director of the Resonance Project Foundation, leading a teams of physicists, mathematicians and other scientists to explore the frontier of unification principles and their implications, with a vision of applied unified physics creating positive change in the world.

Currently Nassim is focused on quantum gravity and their applications to technology, new energy research, applied resonance, life sciences, permaculture, and consciousness studies.

We had the honor of hosting Nassim at the end of April, showing him the Temples of Humankind, and we also had several hours of meaningful conversation with him in a small group of Spiritual Physics experts and also in a wider context with all Damanhurians.

“It’s one thing to say ‘All is one,’ and it’s another thing to have scientific proof of this fact,” Nassim said. “Since I was very young, I was interested in how the world works. We can create technology that can change everything we do in the world. Though we must understand that technology is connected to consciousness; these two facets are intertwined and cannot be seen separately.”

These words sounded very familiar to us Damanurians, as we understand that humankind was once on a much higher evolutionary and technological level, but what caused us to fall from these heights was the discrepancy between the level of technology and the level of our consciousness. Nassim continued,

“I felt much resonance with Falco’s teachings. He was also a researcher, and I feel we came to the same conclusions. When we cross the veil and enter the energy, spirituality and physics are the same thing.

13072884_997362143674376_2030081659042572570_oFor centuries we have seen science and spirituality (with strong influence from religions) as different realities that cannot understand one another, and individuals were only free to choose which one of the two realities to believe in. Is it now possible that we can dive into ancient mysteries, spiritual laws and mystical experiences AND have them scientifically proven? We welcome your thoughts!

We are grateful that he brought his future vision and deep knowledge to us!