Semir Osmanagich, who discovered the pyramids of Bosnia and has done studies on 75 megalithic sites and pyramids around the world, recently shared the results of studies done around Damanhur, showing the exceptional nature of the sacred places here.
His research seeks to unite science, spirituality and energy, using various technologies: a PIP camera, Teslameter, Trifield meter, and other specialized instruments to measure magnetic, electromagnetic, bioenergetic, orgone and scalar energy fields, which are not visible to the naked eye. Semir and his technical team were here last winter Solstice, and areas measured include Damjl, the Sacred Woods Temple and several halls of the Temples of Humankind. After an introduction by Crotalo Sesamo, Semir spoke about just a few points from the 250 page document he has produced from the research at Damanhur.

Findings show that:

The sites of Damanhur have energy fields and frequencies that are generally beyond the normal range and are also unreachable by “energetic smog,” which makes them ideal for healing, meditation and relaxation, rituals and spiritual experiences.

Energy frequencies around a landscape are typically registered in horizontal bands of color, and they become quite dramatically vertical at the mountain in which the Temples of Humankind are located, similar to the nature of the Bosnian pyramid site. Semir shared that when speaking with Falco Tarassaco years ago about these studies, “Falco said that the Temples are as energetically potent as a pyramid, and it didn’t seem like that to me, although clearly he knew something that I didn’t!”

Dome-like fields exist above the Open Temple and the Damjl ritual circle which then change frequency during the phases of the Solstice ritual.

There are exceptionally high levels of orgone energy in many halls of the Temples (0.90-0.91) and in the “Boschetto” of Damjl (0.95).
Semir shared his considerations about why the Bosnian pyramids are energetically active:

  1. Geometry – pyramidal or conical shapes
  2. Construction material – quartz crystal
  3. Orientation – north-south and east-west following energy flows of the planet
  4. Inner chambers and passageways
  5. Underground tunnels
  6. Water – movement releases negative ions, especially underground water
  7. Sacred Geometry
  8. Astronomical features – following precessions
  9. Energy potent places – for example on a volcanic line

These are many of the qualities shared by the Temples of Humankind and sacred spaces of Damanhur! We are grateful to Semir for conducting such carefully documented research, and we look forward to future collaborations!

Would you like to see the documents showing all measuring done by Semir's team?