In April, Damanhur hosted the visit of some members of the Amonashvili family, coming from Georgia in Europe. The Amonashvili are leading figures in the field of pedagogy and education: they are in fact the founders of the Academy of Humanistic Pedagogy, which has a large following in the countries of the former Soviet Union. Paata Amonashvili, son of the founder Shalva is an educator, writer, and politician. He arrived in Damanhur accompanied by his wife and other family members. The commitment of the Academy of Humanistic Pedagogy is addressed to the very young and to families, in consideration of the fact that the harmonious growth of a young human being needs to be followed in all areas: scholastic, family, social and spiritual. Paata’s wife has also created a television channel in Georgia specifically dedicated to children.

A very active academy

In addition to giving lectures around the world, the Amonashvili, and other Academy staff, organize weeks of training in Georgia, for educators and parents, in which hundreds of people participate each time. Naturally, each event includes courses for adults and activities for children, to ensure the continuity of every educational activity. The activities take place at their center, a vast farm that has been renovated and now has accommodation, hospitality facilities, gardens and a large space for events. Despite not being so well known outside of the ex-Soviet area, the Academy’s activities normally include two-year waiting lists.

Damanhur has touched our Georgian guests. They spent a night at the Abaton (the B&B connected to the Temples of Humankind), visited the Temples and also the Sacred Woods where they were accompanied by the Music of the Plants. The meaning and value of the social and spiritual project of Damanhur was transmitted in a very intense and touching way therefore also representing the principles and importance that we place on education here in Damanhur.

Educational convergences

The family school here in Damanhur was one of the aspects that most involved Paata and his companions, in particular as it represents the meeting point of so many different knowledge, which are composed together in the didactic experience.

The most interesting aspect of this visit was to discover how experiences that come from distant backgrounds, can share common values and use education as a growth factor from 0 to 100 years, including the fusion of knowledge and the value of differences which can therefore lead to an exchange of experiences in a precious way for both parties.
The Damanhurians have been invited by the Academy of Humanistic Pedagogy to organize presentations of their initiatives in Georgia, and other forms of collaboration and synergy will come to light in the future.

Thank you Amonashvili family for all that you do for humanistic pedagogy!