Collaborating with artists and creating experiences with art as the focal point is one of our passions. At Damanhur, we believe that art will be the ultimate union element and make us understand the universal vision we yearn for. We were lucky to recently host Olga Ladeishikova, a Russian musician and expert in 5D sound. Hearing the sound of her violin and seeing her perform with passion in the Temples of Humankind and the Open Temple was very emotional.

An emotional experience for her, too, judging by her words: 

Esperide whispers to me to play what comes from the heart while my violin is about to be heard for the first time by the Temples. Some traditional Russian melodies started unexpectedly flowing from my violin. My heart started to expand, and tears were running down my cheeks. Then I started playing Bach sonatas for solo violin: the music flowed unusually in me with other accents and climaxes, and the sound was very nourishing. Although the acoustics inside the Temples is not easy, the sound spreads harmoniously! I honestly don’t know how I endured this experience because the feeling of expansion in my heart was almost overwhelming. Our whole group was crying; we were probably all carried away by this feeling of Oneness and Love. During the performance, I saw the symbols on the walls move, almost intertwining with the violin sound. The walls and the space inside the hall no longer seemed solid; everything flowed and interacted constantly. At one point, I felt Falco’s presence there with us.

I want to thank everyone once again for the opportunity to also play at the celebration of the Damanhurian Popolo in the Open Temple! I did not expect such a gift… When we all sang “Con te partirò”, I had the sweet sensation of being able to serenely die because I felt my life complete in that moment, immersed in Unity.

This has been an incredible experience for me, and I am filled with gratitude.

With great pleasure, we share one of Olga’s performances in the Temples of Humankind.

If you want to follow Olga’s art, you can follow her on Instagram.

Check the video here: