In Damanhur our mission is not only to create a new world, it’s to offer tools and experiences so that others can do the same. We want to inspire people to dream of goals that seem impossible, ones that can become reality by uniting with others in devotion and optimism, creating change for the future of our planet. Being able to fulfill this mission means welcoming people to Damanhur, sharing the Temples of Humankind, giving courses and much more. A first step in this direction is almost always through our web presence, so we are thrilled to announce the newly redesigned and released Come Visit and Study with Us sections of our website.

Go to the Damanhur website to check it out! Click on Study with Us or Come Visit.


What’s new?

  • information in 6 languages instead of 2
  • increased ease of navigation, registering and paying for programs
  • clarity in the visits and courses offered, from basic visits to additional programs
  • offerings grouped in 6 areas of interest (Healing, Community, Perception, Knowledge, Creativity, Nature)
  • how to find us – improved!
  • Frequently Asked Questions section and useful information before arriving – updated!

We are grateful for this leap forward in the quality of services and offerings for our friends and guests, whether you are coming to Damanhur for the first time or if you have been here many, many times before and already feel at home whenever you step into Damjl, the Open Temple, the Sacred Woods Temple, the Temples of Humankind and the other magical places waiting to greet you.

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