Laughter, tears and dreams… 3 months at Damanhur and it’s only the beginning

Here are some sincere insights into what it’s like to visit Damanhur and live here. By Skye, who is participating in the New Life and work exchange/WWOOF programs…

What have you enjoyed the most?

Definitely spending time with the people of Damanhur. They are so beautiful, diverse and abundant with stories, depth, wisdom and compassion. I have enjoyed living as part of a community, building relationships, communicating, sharing and understanding one another. I celebrated my 26th birthday with my extended spiritual family in Dendera and Magilla. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my birthday!

What have you learned about yourself and Damanhur since arriving?

I have learned so much, the words I could fit on this page couldn’t do this question justice. I think the key thing I have really put into practice is integrating spirituality with life in a very practical way. I really resonated with the words of my dear friend Felix from Spain, “Cleaning outside is cleaning inside.” I found the meaning in this is deep and profound. What I’ve learned about Damanhur is that it is a very simple, yet very complex organism that has a life of it’s own.

What has been most challenging?

The most challenging part has been facing my own personal inner turmoil. Your outside reality is a reflection of the inner. I believe I feel safe and supported enough here in Damanhur that my “stuff” has really been coming up to the surface to be dealt with accordingly. I have found myself laughing, crying, acting out bad behaviors from the past, fighting with anxiety, laughing and crying some more all while participating as actively in the community as possible. I am beginning to realize that it is a journey and patience will one day become a great ally.

What excites you the most?

The potential here in Damanhur really excites me. I share a vision of expansion and growth for this wonderful place. Some of the dreams I have include healing workshops, a Damanhur festival once a year showcasing the community’s music, art, dance, healing, local foods and magical items, even the production of new inventions that could become a part of the richness that is Damanhur. I hear that a change is taking place and something new and exciting will emerge from this movement. I can feel it! There is something in the air.

How is it different from your previous experiences?

Well it has been different in many ways. There are teachings available here that I have only ever touched upon fleetingly in other places. Self awareness and actualization are an integrated part of this society. There is fundamentally a whole new way of life being practiced here. I feel very privileged to have been able to take part. Especially during this time as I feel things may be different in the future. There are endless opportunities to explore any concept with people who only respond with openness and encouragement. Not to mention what a beautiful location in the North of Italy nestled between the mountains. Such spectacular views!

How will the journey continue for you?

I am spending my first Christmas and New Year away from Australia here. I already have a full schedule. I will enjoy participating in an event at Damanhur Crea on Damanhur’s music, arts and Sacred Dance. I am also looking forward to the upcoming events and workshops; Winter Solstice Celebration, Midnight Action in the Temples on New Year’s Eve and hopefully Contact with the Cosmos! A big December for me indeed. I have placed an application into the School of Meditation, so let’s see if I can join the next international group. I hope to continue on here into January and the New Year and am just staying open to what the future will bring. I don’t feel I will be getting bored of Damanhur any time soon. To the people who have built this project, thank you for welcoming me into your world. To those thinking of coming to visit, you definitely won’t regret it.

Con voi, Skye

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