Saturday, Tim Schoonhoven from the Netherlands bid good-bye to Damanhur after three months as a New Life temporary citizen. He wanted to share his experiences with us, but found it difficult to write about all he did and felt while being here. Inspired by Damanhur and the experiences as part of the New Life program, he composed this poem:

..So you took my hand, my body, my soul, my heart and brought me to
a little place called love
At the border of this miraculous place Cupid is standing
To paint the connected and stop the unconnected souls
I am afraid to follow, because I don’t know what will come next
But love has already painted you
I feel your soul is colouring mine and I am not afraid any more

Once inside you close my eyes because you tell me love smiles so
pure there are better ways
to see
You kiss me and teach me this way that love gave her smile a taste instead
I try to squeeze your hand a little harder
in this place of mysteries I feel the need to feel you
But you make me wonder,
Because the colours love painted on you have blended in with mine
and you tell me a rainbow cannot be squeezed

We follow this beautiful path love set out for us
and as it is narrowing down
I can feel your smile widening
because you know we are almost there
Your feelings are all around me and I know
It cannot be long until you fulfil me completely

Then you ask me to stop
because we have arrived at the centre
You tell me that here are trees
and that we know their gnarled surface,
we can feel its taste
I cry because the power and strength makes my heart open
and the soul of this magical place flies in

Energy like this can change the world
you say
I know you are right
I look around
amazed at the beauty and pureness of this place called love
I look around, amazed, and you look at me, smiling

Sometimes, a tree is just a tree
You say.

Tim is now back in the Netherlands, but he assures us that Damanhur is always with him. He will be back in 2013 for the Great Rituals and other celebrations of the Popolo Spirituale.

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