So many of us in the world are feeling a sense of discontent in our day to day lives. Wanting a deeper sense of meaning and connectedness with others. Worried about the sustainability of life on earth, if we go on living in the habits and conditions we know. Others might feel pretty satisfied with how things are going in life, though still have a sense that there is something more out there, some deeper sense of purpose and belonging to discover. In welcoming New Life participants to Damanhur over the years, we’ve seen that this is a universal condition that goes beyond culture, gender and age.

In our most recent New Life group, two young Swedish women, Rebecka (21 years old) and Axelina (22 years old) have asked questions to Dennis (74 years old) about the three-month experience of immersion in Damanhur, and the interview illustrates how making life changes and living in community is an experience that spans diverse generations, distilling a preciousness that is uniquely human.

Rebecka and Axelina share:

Dennis H. was born in Sweden, although he has lived in Norway for 44 years. He is a blacksmith and has been working with horses his whole life. He has been healing animals, which has also led to healing human beings. In doing this work, he developed the ability to communicate with animals.

Now, Dennis has been in Damanhur for three months, participating in the New Life program. He feels that Damanhur resonates with him on many levels and that New Life has given him a beautiful contact with the community. “We really get to live the Damanhurian philosophies. We live together, and I’ve never had such a good time in my whole life,” Dennis says.


According to Dennis, the best thing about the project is the people, because they are the living examples of what Damanhur is. “I also enjoy working together as a group. I didn’t know how much fun it was working together with others. You really get to build a strong group.” He also shares that one of the most fascinating things in his experience in Damanhur is the Game of Life. “But you never know what that is,” he adds with a smile, and we can add that you will never know until you experience it first hand! 🙂

He would recommend the New life program to all those who are open and willing to learn something new. “It is a different way of living and you get to make a difference in changing the world. It is important that people start doing things, and that they want to change. Damanhur is about understanding yourself and the world better, and then acting accordingly.”

When asking Dennis about the future, he says that he hopes to return to Damanhur soon. “I don’t know when I’ll be back. All I know is that I don’t feel like going home. I’ll probably go home, say bye-bye and then come straight back here. When you make decisions that resonate with your inner being, things usually start moving quickly. I trust this.”

Follow your heart, move fast and shape a new reality.

If you feel the need to make a courageous choice and give a new direction to your life, Destination Damanhur may be for you … with many possibilities to connect, from the 10 day AMINE’ program to the three-month New Life experience, which starts every month.