When I was in Sweden, I decided that I wanted to orient all the trees around my cottage there. It used to be an old traditional farm, and there is still a big open space that covers most of the territory belonging to the house. I had just had with a visit from a girl whom I had met in Damanhur. The meeting I had with her didn’t work out the way I had been hoping for, so I was not in the best mood.

It was raining. I was sitting and waiting for it to stop. Luckily for me, I had reading material. I was reading Falco’s book, The Seven Scarlet Doors, which is about a group of people led by the time monk Vadusfadam. For each door that they had to go through, they needed to pass a test. It was the perfect book for me to read while orienting trees. My goal was to orient 3,000 trees with the special pendulum for tree orientation, and then to orient some more using one of Falco’s tree-orienter Selfic paintings that I had bought from the gallery.

When the rain stopped, I started orienting the free-standing trees on the ground, though the only problem was that they were surrounded with very high, wet grass. So, after orienting about twenty trees, I was wet to the skin and it started raining again. I stopped and read the first chapter of the book, “Doubt, that is, first room,” while my clothes dried in front of the fire. When the rain stopped again and I looked at the trees, I was in a room of doubt. How big should a tree be, I wondered? There were lots of small ones in addition to the big ones. I decided to go for the big ones, and then there were trees in clusters so close together that I couldn’t squeeze in between them. Could I orient them two at a time? Should I go around them six times? When it was possible, I circled them one at a time. Mamma mia, it was difficult. After climbing around twelve more trees, I heard a ripping sound, and I saw that my rain trousers had a big gash, caused by some barbed wire sticking up from the ground. Around me, there was even more barbed wire from a fence that had probably been there for more than 80 years, as it was covered with earth. It was almost impossible to move. The fence had caught and tangled the nearby branches, and there was also the long grass. I found my way out and got out of the woods. After this struggle, I went straight to bed, completely exhausted.

All happy nowI had only oriented 32 trees, and I asked myself, “Did I connect to the tree spirits?” The next day, it continuing raining, and when it stopped, I went out in the woods, battling the mosquitoes. The hand I was using to hold the pendulum was ever more swollen with mosquito bites. When I had to leave, I had only oriented 300 trees, so I was rather depressed. I got the house cleaned up, and I was ready to leave in the middle of the night. When I got up to a nearby hill, I looked at my mobile phone and discovered that I had miscalculated the days. I still had one more day in Sweden. On my last day, I oriented another 300 trees on a day with the sun shining. The trees were a lot easier to orient then. So, at least I got 600 trees oriented, and when I looked at the trees in the sun, they seemed happier. So, maybe I had connected to the tree spirits after all.