Read several messages, the one of your Sun (your will), Ascendant (your personality), Moon (your psyche) and Midheaven (social recognition), as well as the other planets of your birth chart.

ARIES 3434 – The sun is larger in the morning, but it warms less. In the afternoon, when it is no longer a novelty, it warms more. Perseverance. – Constancy and continuity, always!
TAURUS 4236 – An image resolves. Doubt. Horizon. – Sacred image, for you. Revelation.
GEMINI 1642 – Write your thoughts. Diary. Put things in order. – Work. Evaluate your current life.
CANCER 1642 – Write your thoughts. Diary. Put things in order. – Work. Evaluate your current life. (we know, we know! Gemini and Cancer have this week the same phrase, but it’s Synchronic, not wrong ;))
LEO 3555 – It has already been said. Making mistakes is repeating an error that has already been made. – The Emperor advises you with words that are just.
VIRGO 6615 – The step in the staircase. High or low depending on you legs. – Further beyond your own nose.
LIBRA 1511 – Why do you not listen to music anymore? It is constant and in time, it brings healthy thoughts back to you. – Read, enquire, new cues.
SCORPIO 5511 – Why should you not be happy? Clear water lets the ray of sunlight go through. – Why suffer? Happiness in choices. Freedom is happiness.
SAGITTARIUS 2535 – The Falcon is above you. Illumination. – Being born again.
CAPRICORN 3254 – Control your rage. More respect. With the sun, your soul sees clearly. – Tiphereth. Respect on both sides.
AQUARIUS 1251 – Numbers are your friends. Open a book now, at random. The sentence you find before your eyes will give you an answer. – Essence, transformed into a number.
PISCES 3134 – Leaves are delicate, but thorns are also leaves. – Right words at the right moment. Theory and practice united.

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