Read several messages, the one of your Sun (your will), Ascendant (your personality), Moon (your psyche) and Midheaven (social recognition), as well as the other planets of your birth chart.


ARIES 1321 – In the Spiral, you resolve. The True God. Ask yourself a question before continuing. – Recurrences.
TAURUS 5342 – Before you sleep, take stock of your day; you have given, you have received more. There are no debts. – Mental order is indispensable. Credit.
GEMINI 1633 – Four synchronic events. A series. Good. Prudence in your movements. – Being able to wait.
CANCER 1255 – Numbers are your friends. Open a book now, at random. The sentence you find before your eyes will give you an answer. – Now, Synchronic thought.
LEO 5231 – A prankster spirit is watching you. One laughs at weaknesses, not Strength. – Entity. Strengthen your aura.
VIRGO 3651 – Common experiences are positive for you. Do not desire to take the lead at all costs. The right value is found in silence and in works. – A deep friendship from the one whom you, blindly, were not awaiting.
LIBRA 1214 – Pay attention to the question; for a question it is, and nothing else. – Movements and fleeing.
SCORPIO 1532 – It is not fortune; it is not your moment. When the moon is waxing, renew yourself and repeat. – It is not the moment yet.
SAGITTARIUS 4233 – An image resolves. Doubt. Horizon. – Imagination, reason.
CAPRICORN 1412 – Seven is the amount you must add. If you are a woman, 5. This will help you meditate. The answer is near! – Synchronicity in the places where your soul is nourished.
AQUARIUS 6522 – The blood and the earth. Alchemical transformation. Overcoming the castes. – The Great cycle does not make one loose time, rather it completes an existence. Peace.
PISCES 5261 – Change. Do not hide your head in a false security. – Believe in minors, as long as you can control.


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