Read several messages, the one of your Sun (your will), Ascendant (your personality), Moon (your psyche) and Midheaven (social recognition), as well as the other planets of your birth chart.


4456 – Wanting to surpass yourself, when you are not ready, is bad. Moderation and not presumption. Sometimes the longest way is the shortest. – Respecting the rhythms of nature.


3652 – Common experiences are positive for you. Do not desire to take the lead at all costs. The right value is found in silence and in works. – More deeds and fewer words… without exalting what you do.


3164 – God has descended on Earth many times. The image of Synchronicity. There are many more apostles. – Learn, to know how to give.


1662 – Two larger numbers are the reverse of two smaller numbers. Your imagination is your guide. – The conscious beginning of everything.


4132 – Stop repeating “and if…” Only what is synchronic happens. If you ask for negative synchronicity, you will get it. – If you see around you things that do not go well, complain not: change them with all your strength.


1426 – The tallest trees break first. The weak grass that bends is eternal and always alive. Pride. – So far, in your life, you have made it anyway. Go beyond.


1551 – When body and spirit do not resemble each other, little health. – In smoke, the lungs.


6622 – Even a delay is Synchronic. New thoughts, old thoughts renewed. Research. – Being able to wait steadfastly. Admirable constancy.


3263 – The strong mountain. Retreat prepares for victory. – Love subjected to Will.


2211 – Don’t try to do everything yourself. Your part is within the mosaic. More tranquility. – Risk.


6555 – Writing interpreted. The evolved individual accepts his or her own responsibility and dies fighting. Renew yourself. – Live/Go to Synchronic places, suitable, where Chesed resides.


3643 – Rest is needed. Renewing sleep. Clearer mind. – Manage your strengths more wisely.

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