Living in community means more than just sharing a house, a neighborhood or a village. Here, we have defined some points to why living in community has powerful results on our personal growth and well being.

1. Deep connections

Living with other people means touching each other on a deep level. There’s ancient wisdom in participating in village settings where we share our deepest needs, sorrows and joy with each other. It automatically creates a container for emotions that can be truly expressed, released and transformed. When living together we become close with each other and thus share each others happiness, and pain. The bonds that can be found in a community are ones of deep friendship and family, and cultivating such connections is beneficial both for our physical and our physiological well being.

2. Shared values

When you decide to build, or to join a community, you’ll probably reach out to people with whom you share the same ideas about life and living. Being around people who share your values is a great comfort! Also social scientists and political theorists often claim that shared values create strong groups with foundations of trust and solidarity.

3. Help each other evolve for the better

Surrounding yourself by others can help you to discover both your talents and your limits. The others are powerful reflectors of behavioral patterns, mirroring that which you’d rather wouldn’t see in yourself, and can thus help you to grow and transform your limits. At the same time, they’re also there to help and support you when you need. Whether it be changing life style, empowering your self-image or going after your passion, you always have people who will gladly help or push you to do it!

4. The Power of common projects

Creating projects together with other people is both funnier and more effective than doing it on your own. When we put our hands and brains together and work towards a common goal we can literally make miracles. In Damanhur, we’ve build the Temples of Humankind, an underground temple with 9 halls, dug by hand into a mountain. Called by many ”The Eight Wonder of the World”, this project was only possible thanks to the fact that everyone in the community believed in it and worked for it together.

5. Learn something new!

Living with many people grants you with the possibility to learn something new every day. Whether it might be in the field of work, hobbies or education, when living together it’s impossible not to share knowledge and talents amongst each other. What is more, living in an international community like Damanhur, you live together with people from different cultures and backgrounds which brings a lot opportunities for tremendous enrichment. It opens our minds and allows us to see life from different points of view.

Would you like to create a community, or try out an existing one? In Damanhur we have many opportunities for having true community experiences! Visit Damanhur Welcome Office to know more!