Being a Damanhurian doesn’t necessarily mean living in Damanhur always and all the time. Sometimes resident citizens are far from Damanhur for a period of time, for work or other life circumstances. There are also non-resident citizens who stay connected from other parts of Italy and the world. Beluga Paulonia shares about her choice to become a Damanhurian and how she’s found a way to feel connected from Spain:

Beluga Prima StallaI came to Damanhur about five years ago as a New Life participant, and now I’m a Damanhurian citizen. My name used to be Loli Campos and now it’s Beluga Paulonia, and I’m very proud of my name! It’s almost impossible to summarize what I have experienced in these five years, because here, the days have a special intensity to them and are extremely condensed with events. This is one of the reasons I have decided to be a Damanhurian forever. Here, there is no boredom… it’s really impossible to get bored!

I came here looking for something to fill my life. My husband had died, and I was feeling more and more in crisis each day. I felt such a great existential void that I couldn’t stand it any more. I was seeking spirituality and a different way to live. I can say that I have found not only this, but also ideals to live for, a Popolo Spirituale with whom I share my life, a place where I’m happy.

Right now, I am living outside of Damanhur in Toledo, Spain for at least one year of work. In the beginning, I thought I was going to die! I went through three months of not knowing how to adapt to living without my community. Now, I have finally found a way to feel connected. There are Damanhurians who come to Toledo on vacation, and I speak about Damanhur in many contexts. My intent is to create a thread of connection between Toledo and Damanhur, and I have found my stability again.

I want to thank all the people who have accompanied me in this very hot month of July. They have really helped me a lot, and they have also established a nice relationship with my children. Thank you from my heart, Bombo, Nial, Noemi, Ares, Gufo, Tamarino, Anemone di mare, Anansal, Lupa, Alba, Melvin and Asinella.

I will share a story with you. In Plaza Mayor of Madrid, Asinella broke her shoe and we didn’t know what to do about it. Lupa suggested that we find some glue and fix it. We were in front of a souvenir store and we went it to ask for glue from the store owner. He was very nice, welcoming us in and giving us a tube of his personal glue, because there wasn’t any for sale.
Speaking with him, we told him that we live in the Damanhur community. He was very amazed, because he is Egyptian and he knows the city of Damanhur in Egypt very well! It’s interesting how events are intertwined with each other, isn’t it?

Beluga Paulonia


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