There are so many different stories and an myriad of reasons to explain what has motivated each one of us to undertake a spiritual path and decide to participate in Damanhur.

This is the story of Toro (Taurus), previously known as Giancarlo Fiorucci. Toro has had a very luminary past. He was the Director of the Department of Clinical Pathology at Turin’s Obstetric and Pediatric hospitals. He was also a professor of microbiology at the University of Turin, and the Health Director of the Valdesi Hospital of Turin. Thanks to Maia, his wife and companion since a young age, he discovered Damanhur. Together they have shared many adventures and much research, including that of getting close to Damanhur contributing, among other things, to the health sector, enriching it with their professionalism and expertise. In Damanhur, Toro has also created “The Academy of Equilibrium,” through which he has organized more than 20 national and international conferences held at the Damanhur Crea Conference Center.

Toro, thank you for bringing your stimulating vivacity to Damanhur!