When asking those who came to Damanhur many years ago to tell their story, we discover many nice anecdotes, as it happened when we interviewed Vongola Fiordaliso 🙂 !

Vongola is a feminine force of nature, an indomitable woman, an enthusiastic practical dreamer. She is always ready to relaunch with new ideas wherever she is. At the same time, she also has a shy and timid character that is sheltered from the stage lights. Her sympathy is proverbial, just as her jokes are. Be careful not to fall for her April Fools tricks! Vongola met Falco Tarassaco 43 years ago, and in these years she has been treasuring Damanhur’s history, collecting it with passion and method so it will all be valued and conserved.

Today, if someone wants to know more about what happened at a certain moment in time, they just need to consult her to discover many unexpected and curious details.

Thank you Vongola for maintaining the enthusiasm of the early times and for conveying it to new generations with passion and freshness!