Living in community is a demanding life choice, and our friends and visitors often ask us how and why we have chosen to live in Damanhur.

Capriolo, an early New Life participant who has since become a Damanhur citizen, explains why personal growth, union, mystical connection to other lives and dimensions, the Temples, healing and creating a new world are his motivations for making Damanhur his destination.

The newest opening to come live in Damanhur begins August 8, 2015 with AMINE’, a 10 day program for diving into the synchronicity of Damanhur and seeing where it takes you.

Capriolo shares:

CaprioloFor me, Damanhur is deep immersion in a new way of being, as we radically reshape our lives. The only dogma is constant change.

I transform my character and my weaknesses to develop my talents and refine my perception. Through interaction and exchange with others, whom I consider as parts of myself, we understand, learn and grow together in oneness and union that is ever more defined, without losing the richness of diversity and individuality. Connections to other incarnations appear in my consciousness, the experience of time changes. I become aware of having lived different lives in different eras. Or, are they contemporaneous lives in other times and dimensions? Many questions are emerging: Why am I here? Where am I going? What is the value of this incarnation, what will I leave to those who come after me?

The Temples of Humankind are a unique, collective work of art, alive in our times and dedicated to the deep history of humankind. A huge underground temple complex where I can move through silent and active meditation in contact with the sacred aspects of myself and my heart. I go to the Temples to receive inspiration. To heal, learn, grow, and again, transform.

Capriolo-Yvonne-640I am grateful to the people who built Damanhur before me, creating a place for reconnection with our divine spark. I am happy to participate in the further development of this project with energy and strength, with the hope that more and more people have the possibility of healing (physically, emotionally, and spiritually), waking up and changing the world in the direction of a future that is worth living, where people, with great respect and friendship, connect in harmony with each other and with the natural and divine forces.

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