Axelina and Rebecka, two young women from Sweden in their early 20s have recently completed the three month New Life experience and are now choosing to become Damanhur citizens! Here, they speak about helping to craft the communications for Destination Damanhur, a new opening for all those who want to transform their lives and courageously follow their dreams and visions of a new future, whether becoming a resident citizen at Damanhur or simply coming for a visit and supporting Damanhur’s mission from destinations around the world.

Here’s their story…

We came to Damanhur to participate in the New Life program and now, four months later, we have decided to stay and become citizens. Before coming here, both of us had asked ourselves how we could change the world. Like so many others, we saw that the current way of living wasn’t sustainable for the planet or for ourselves. We felt that it was unnecessary and almost unbearable to live the lives we were previously living. We soon realized that the world would not change for us, that we were going to have to do it ourselves.

Axelina4So, we embarked on a journey to be inspired, we thought we’d go out into the world to see what was out there, and in the end, create something else – a new context where our spiritual ideas could flourish. When we came to Damanhur, we were amazed that there was a place that truly resonated with our vision. We saw the beauty of Damanhur and we were surprised that we hadn’t heard about this place before. So, we want to change this for others, so information about Damanhur can reach out to people, some of whom may feel a tingling in their hearts and an urge to come. We feel that there are so many people out there with the will to change and to create a new and better world. People who, just like we did, feel frustrated, lost and lonely in their everyday lives.


This is why we are excited to participate in creating the project Destination Damanhur, because it will make it easier for people to come to Damanhur to experience a different way of living that might resonate with a deeper longing within their hearts.

Axelina and Rebecka

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