In Damanhur, every crisis is seen as an opportunity, including that of the current Covid19 pandemic. Crises move our habits and also our way of thinking. We consider it useful to take the flywheel of the crisis and guide it where we want it to go, and not wherever it may take us.

Everything will pass, even Covid19, but how do we want to be found on the other side of the crisis?

There are several elements that we can explore, in this article we explore the aspect of health. Health, well-being and prevention are crucial elements of the Damanhurian lifestyle. This moment has allowed us to write down all the possibilities we have developed over time to raise our immune defenses. Some are typically Damanhurian, others are part of the patrimony of official or alternative medicine, but they are all practicable also for you at home.

As many people contact us asking how we are copeing with this pandemic, being in a community, we wanted to share these points with you, to assist in increasing everyone’s defenses.

These points are recommended by our doctors and helatcare practitioners here in Damanhur:

1. Mindful daily breathing

The Damanhurians do 10 minutes of mindful breathing during the day. It is very simple, you close your eyes, and you breathe deeply, inhaling from the nose and exhaling from the mouth wide open. We focus on the breath and the well-being that breathing brings to us. Imagine that by breathing you heal your subtle bodies, the energetic aura, which is also the first defense mechanism of our immune system.

2. Weekly Pranapractice

Also known as “pranatherapy,” is the traditional method of basic prevention in Damanhur. It is performed by a spiritual healer. Prana, pure and undifferentiated life force energy, acts on the energetic sphere or aura of the individual, reinforcing it where it may be necessary. It can be done remotely.

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3. The PranoSelf

Pranoself is a treatment that reinforces and harmonizes the energetic aura of the individual, channeling pure and undifferentiated energy – that is, an energy that is suitable for the personal frequency of the individual. The Selfic structures present in the studio modulate the vital energy so that it can interact in a beneficial way with all the different systems of the body. The Selfic structures amplify the energetic value of the treatment many times with respect to a normal prana practice session. It can be done remotely.

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4. Use of our Selfic bracelets to strenghten the immune system

If you would like to have an extra boost, you can use our Selfic bracelets to help your body’s physical and also energetic defenses. We have been testing these bracelets for more than three decades, and wearing them is an indispensable part of Damanhur’s prevention policies. If you want to try them and start boosting your immune system through Selfica, we are now offering them at a 10% discount.

5. Take Vitamin C or ascorbic acid

– 2 or 3 grams per day.

6. Proper nutrition

– rich in seasonal and local fruit and vegetables.

7. Get adequate sleep

8. Positive thinking

Avoid thoughts of fear, anguish and superficiality which are immunosuppressive but positive thinking, humor, imagination and joy. Remember–thought creates. In Damanhur’s language, the sense of humor is a “divine” sense. Our ability to see the humorous side of each situation, add lightness and laughter allows us to experience greater tranquility. In this way, we can also discover solutions and perspectives that otherwise would escape us.

9. Essential oils

Essential oils diffused in the room performs a purifying action on the air we breathe.

10. Ventilated clay

A teaspoon of ventilated clay mixed in a glass of water, prepared in the evening and drink only water in the morning, not the part of the clay deposited.

11. Homeopathy for prevention

Omeogriphi o Oscillococcinum in cycles. Also, if symptomatic it is useful to have available the Arsenicum album 200CH.

These are the things we do in Damanhur to raise our immune system. We hope they can inspire you.

It is in times like these that we can truly make a difference in the world by being responsible, taking care of our body and keeping our spirits high.

And you? What are you doing to strengthen your immune system?