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Personal reflections by Esperide Ananas Ametista
This special time requires us to stop, and ask ourselves new questions. Perhaps they are the propositions already animating the most sensitive part of our soul. This time invites us, above all, to be silent to let the answers emerge. What kind of human beings do we want to be, when we come out of this pandemic? We know so little about what is really going on. What we know for sure is that this crisis is presenting us with two opposing future scenarios: a world of control and repression, or a new global human community living in solidarity. The direction our timeline will take at this fork depends greatly upon where we stand on our inner battlefield. Will we manage to fill our minds and hearts with flowers through connection and generosity? Or will our inner space be as sterile as the hands disinfected so many times that they have lost all the bacteria indispensable for our relationship with the environment? Life is a great flow streaming through us, connecting everything and no separation is painless—especially the extreme ones that have been forced upon so many people. Let’s make sure we do not turn isolation and distancing into a habit. On the contrary, let’s find in them the full strength of our desire for contact and connection because also inner battles are more easily won with the help of others.

In conclusion, it strikes me how the Covid19 virus action looks like the opposite of a “normal” conflict. Covid19 is making the elderly disappear, instead of the young, as happened in the two great world wars, and in many other conflicts. Instead of the more recent generation, we are losing the more experienced. And there are no young and beautiful heroes dying in glory so that we can celebrate our ancestral fascinations with war. There are just elderly people passing in silence. Many of them made weaker and more vulnerable not only by age but by loneliness and poverty. Elderly people who disappear quickly, without perhaps having finished telling their story. Wise voices that could help us to better understand, and overcome the collective panic with a longer historical perspective… treasures distilled over a lifetime, of people who have already lived emergency situations. So now we must all become “Elders”, embracing the best of ourselves and the strength that life gives us, to overcome fear, meeting others with an open heart, and making momentous choices.

Climate change will confront us with other ordeals. It will probably not even be enough to stop the world to overcome them. This epidemic can be a test in solidarity and transformation. In practical terms, it means feeling part of just one humanity and moving in the opposite direction of globalization. A new search for the true meaning of being human, and what are the things and the values worth living for.

We need a complete re-design: if can imagine it, we can make it. Manifestation always follows intention, matter always obeys consciousness. The formula is all to be defined, but some of the indispensable ingredients are: acting locally, returning to a way of living in harmony with nature and the earth; growing and feeding on local products rich in life and the substances that we need to keep our body healthy; creating and protecting a new global commons; reinventing education for the future; taking back sovereignty over our health by taking care of our body as the seat of our soul. We need to unite the masculine and feminine within us to be complete individuals, who are truly capable of loving—beyond all definitions of gender—and create new formulas for relationships and family. We need to surround ourselves with art and music, not only as users but experiencing the pleasure and the courage to be all creators; we need to give life to intentional and regenerative communities everywhere, even in cities; we need to support and create alternative information networks; create complementary local currency systems. We need to buy local and support small businesses, most affected by the economic crisis that lockdowns are creating, and create a virtuous economy respectful of human beings and the world. Finally, we need to have the courage to unite and make our voice heard, in all the streets of the world, both physical and virtual.

If we miss this opportunity we will find ourselves in a world where many of us will have no joy in living. If we all manage to take a spiritual leap, after the tempest, we will discover a sky bright with the colors of a new dawn.

What will you do differently tomorrow?


Written by Esperide Ananas Ametista
Psycho-sociologist, spiritual facilitator, healer, and Ambassador of the Federation of Damanhur.