Worldwide attention is directed towards the coronavirus epidemic. The emergency, which started from China, spread first to Asia, then to Africa and Europe and today represents a threat to the entire planet.

As often in these situations, knowing the real size of the spread of the virus is difficult, given the difficulty of diagnosing the disease in time. On the other hand, the mistrust of information and the possible interests of the spread of a new disease such as expensive treatments, vaccines to be introduced on the market, and entire geopolitical areas to be isolated, may mean that it is not always easy to have a calm attitude!

Falco Tarassaco speaks of illnesses as opportunities to grow, to confront oneself, and change our habits. Illness is like the Grail, a dispenser of opportunities to learn new things, transform oneself and acquire new power. Healing is the culminating event of a path that must involve us deeply, in which the power to regain health and a new balance is in connection with our soul, in our thoughts and in our awareness.

Reflect on the Grail

In the case of coronavirus, the whole world is sick, not just the individuals who have contracted the virus (and to whom we send our thoughts and encouragement).
When the whole world is sick, it means that the same possibility of reflection on the Grail concerns everyone, sick people and those who are not. Episodes like the spread of a dangerous virus should never happen.
At this moment, according to the Damanhurian vision, the first thing to do is to scrupulously follow the instructions to reduce the infection. Each of us is responsible for the health, not only of himself and his children, but of everyone. So, if at this moment we accept some limitations to our personal freedom and increase our attention, let’s do it with a strong spirit and love for ourselves and for the others.

The earth: a large community

The second thing we can do, which we never usually have the opportunity to do in the moment, since we are all affected, if not directly by the virus by the presence of the epidemic, is to think:

is this the world in which we are destined to live ? Are these fears that can allow us to grow? Are we ready to be afraid of others?

Probably, neither the ballot box of some major election nor the generous heart of a famous philosopher can change the world, which we humans, seem to want to create an environment that is less and less hospitable. The reflections of each of us, when we manage to feel that humanity is a large community, can create a higher vibration field that creates a new climate, new desires, and new lifestyles. We live this difficult moment for the whole world with our presence, trying to contact each of us with the grail of our awareness and our love for life, so that it can pour its energy on all the peoples of the Earth.

Politics cannot change the world, but people’s magic and desires can! This is a perfect opportunity to prove it!