Talking between deaf people offers a great advantage. People try to use other senses to talk, they help with sight, gestures, facing towards each other to listen, even to understand each other. Perhaps we would listen more if we were deaf, but we would have missed Mozart, Dalla, the wind, the songs of birds, the thunder, the noise of cutlery, the burps, the chatter and certain jokes.

All right, maybe becoming deaf is not the solution, but how can we communicate without being misunderstood?

I want to say one thing, people don’t always understand one another.
If I say: “Look at the beautiful strawberries in that meadow, they are so bright and juicy!”
The others might understand: “Imbecile, look at those beautiful strawberries in that meadow, they are so bright and juicy!”
Or even: “Ugly fools, you have not seen those beautiful strawberries, you are about to trample on them and you do it on purpose to spite me”.

To explain what happens in this scenario it takes a psychologist, a historian, a philosopher and a mystic.
The psychologist tells you that non-verbal communication shows more than words.
The historian tells you that memories and preconceptions are formed from experiences of the past.
The philosopher will talk about communication theories, hypotheses about species motivations and about relational human systems.
The mystic will tell you about the enemy of man who does everything so that we do not understand each other and do not understand the words, to destroy us, as the tower of Babel teaches.

Yes, but what if we have too much pride?

Perhaps I answer poorly but I do not admit it, I speak negatively but I do not accept criticism: we know the story of the speck or beam in the eye. Or perhpas my radio kept at a very low volume for me, according to others is at full volume.

Only love with humor, being compliant, welcoming, kind and thinking positively of others would solve the problem at its root. In Damanhur the answer is found in the first two articles of our Constitution:

  1. The citizens are brothers and sisters who help one another through trust, respect, clarity, acceptance, solidarity and continuous inner transformation. Everyone is committed to offering others additional opportunities to improve.
  2. Every citizen commits himself to spread positive and harmonious thoughts and to direct every action and thought to spiritual growth, putting the ideals before personal interest. Each person is responsible and aware of their own actions, socially and spiritually, knowing that it is multiplied and reflected on the world through the Synchronic Lines.
Are you interested in the Constitution?