Extraordinary people are those who have the desire and the courage to change themselves and their own lives at any age. This is the story of Maia who, at age 45, discovered that she had a strong vocation for healing and transformed her life, deciding to live in Damanhur.

Maia is married to Toro, and the two of them have been together since adolescence. Toro was the Director of the Clinical Pathology Department in the Maternal-Infant Hospitals of Turin when Maia discovered Damanhur, and he was curious about the path she had undertaken in the School for Spiritual Healers, so he decided to follow her in her research.

Today, Maia is a reference point for all those who want to experience Selfica applied for well-being and prevention. In fact, she has been involved with testing the effects of the new generation selfs for years. When Maia talks about the results obtained through sessions with the Selfic structures, her eyes light up and the enthusiasm that she feels for this mission is contagious!

Selfica is not her only passion. Together with Toro, she dedicates herself to the caring for the Damjl gardens, enriching them with colors and scents in all seasons.

Thank you Maia, for the sweetness and determination with which you care for the plant world and for us humans. Your constancy and enthusiasm are an example for everyone!