We recently shared 10 reasons to come for Ecovillage Design Education at Damanhur August 6 to September 3, 2016, though maybe you prefer a shorter concentration of community learning time, like a week!

The Community School will be held at Damanhur University in northern Italy.

The first year intensive will be July 2-9, 2016. Other dates will follow!

Living together is an art. It is an archetype of human life that we have lost to the shadow side of separation and individualism, although as humanity we are coming back to consciousness about its importance. All over the world, we are reviving the archetype of community living and cooperation. Even the business world is evolving from top-down leadership to more holistic models of decision-making and working together. The Community School is a transformational path for this kind of personal and collective evolution.



How do you start a community and keep it going strong? Damanhur has 41 years of experience in experimenting with this, and we’ve learned key questions to ask even before beginning to build, and a variety of strategies that have evolved and succeeded over time. So, this is a training course to share principles and practical tools and models of community life.

This course can be useful for anyone who desires to:

  • Found or build a community.
  • Live in an existing community.
  • Understand more about living in community to bring communal spirit into their everyday lives.


Click here to learn more about the course and connect with us for more details.