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Personal reflections by Esperide Ananas Ametista
There is no separation between material and spiritual reality: this is a principle we find in many sacred texts and philosophies, from Spinoza, to the Advaita-Vedanta, as well as in Damanhurian philosophy. The absolute is in everything. But the perfect balance, the full divinization of everything, is in the totality. In our little piece of the universe, on the plane of material reality, which—however illusory—defines much of our experience, the game is still open, the result still uncertain. It is not possible for us to fully understand the mysteries of the Absolute, as long as we are in a finite reality: its presence in us, however, can guide us like a scent showing the way to a blindfolded wandered in the night. Every human being is an electro-magnetic antenna: something in us is predisposed to receive the impulses reaching us from the spiritual and divine energies that participate more consciously in the design of the Absolute.

What if, in the same way, we also had receptors for signals coming from multidimensional and complex, conflicting fields outside of us? What if the battle within us were but a reflection of a greater conflict? We can hypothesize that there is a signal predisposed to ignite the instincts of war with us. And, even more dauntingly, to confuse us on who the enemy is, to make us mistake our brothers and sisters for our opponents. A memory-trap, deceiving us as to where the battlefield really is.

A theme that is not new; a great Matrix, part of a larger scheme within our galaxy. Our own Star Wars chapter, in which our planet—so rich in life and diversity—plays a fundamental role.

The shield of planetary protection in this battle is not a technological one. It is held together by the elevation of our consciousness, and the strength of our collective spiritual field. It is strong enough only if it is unified, and if all the gods of all peoples and times are allied with each other and with humanity. Without this protection, the forces opposing our awakening will use our vital energy and our confused emotions as nourishment. And we will continue to spend our lives never feeling whole; never in the right place, not fully in harmony with ourselves, the people close to us and life itself. Seeing the enemy in other human beings, denying the consciousness of our planet and Nature, reifying life: these states of consciousness are the most powerful weapons against our victory, our elevation.

We are confounded… the war should not be with each other, our planet should not be the battlefield. This is the time to tap into the positive characteristics of the divine forces, so that the purest values they represent and contain may resonate within us. The time has come to tell ourselves and the universe a new story, that of a unified direction of evolution. Sacred places like the Temples of Humankind in Damanhur have been created to spread this message of hope. They can provide a spiritual anchor to sustain us in our metamorphosis of thought, behavior, and soul.

The Earth is already changing her frequency: the Schumann Frequency spikes regularly to a point many times above its regular frequency of 7.8 Hz, as it was for eons. Our planet as a Sentient Being is experiencing her own process of elevation and transformation. Together with her, we human beings are living through a mutation that can lead us to a new future, if we consciously guide our free will. Allied to all the living forces on Earth and the spiritual energies that sustain our evolution, we humans must take the first, indispensable step: connect and feel we are part of just one great humanity, moving our spiritual center from the “I” to the “we”.

We can then feel one with the others, experiencing unity in multiplicity, exalted by sharing with others, not by debasing or annihilating them. These elevated states of consciousness are the first gifts when we come out of duality.

Neuroscientists have discovered how communication between the different areas of our brain takes place through gamma waves. Generated by the thalamus, they sweep across the brain with a frequency of about 40Hz. They have the highest and fastest frequency of all our brainwaves and are connected to the feeling of the bliss of deep meditation, of mystical and ecstatic states. Studies show that they can be increased if we tune into feelings of love and compassion: the more connected and loving we are the more active our brain is, the more our mind is expanded and the more intelligent we are. Rooted in this inner alchemy of love and intelligence, we can cultivate the confidence—animated by awareness—in a greater plan than what we can see. We can rest in knowing that our lives exist within a stream of infinite Consciousness. We can choose to follow it, aware that in the absolute non-dual, everything is divine. That is our direction, the north in our compass.

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Written by Esperide Ananas Ametista
Psycho-sociologist, spiritual facilitator, healer, and Ambassador of the Federation of Damanhur.