If you don’t think that it is only time passing that determines old age, but rather the inability to change, to be flexible and to go with the flow of the novelties that life brings, we agree with you.

So, if you are going around Damanhur and you hear people taking about “young” citizens in conversation, they are probably talking about people who are all ages, from 90 years and under!

This is because in Damanhur, the “young” ones are those who, regardless of their age, have decided to become citizens recently. These people have a great potential to express: that of changing every aspect of community life for the better.

Damanhur expects great things from the new generations, but we are aware that even “great things” come about through the little things of everyday life, so we are not talking about building new cathedrals but changing the spirit that animates initiatives. We are talking about bringing innovation into the simple things, those that have a greater impact on everyday life.

New kinds of logic, points of view, perspectives, feelings and ideas… this is what every community and group needs in order to stay alive.

Only by opening up to connection and exchange between generations is a community able to pass down its values. If there is not a passage from both sides, how could we have a profound integration that allows new seeds to find fertile ground for perpetuating the forest?

Even millennia-old trees need young plants around to survive!

In your everyday life, at work and in the places that you go, what’s happening? Is there an awareness that new generations can make a difference?

Tell us what you see and what you experience in this regard. Help us to spread this message!