The Temples of Humankind are so precious to us, not only because of their significance and potency as the spiritual heart of Damanhur, but also because they are a devotional work of art and beauty, and art is one of the most powerful tools in winning the battle for life, peace and spiritual freedom for humanity and Earth – a battle that is becoming ever more urgent.

We want the Temples of Humankind to inspire as many people as possible to have hope for a new world, respect life on earth and be active in realizing their purest dreams. So we are happy that the Temples are featured in the first episode of Edge of Reason, a video series that finds the most “out-there” locations on the planet, ones that must be seen to be believed. The Temples of Humankind certainly qualify!

The video describes the Temples as, “constructed entirely by hand and narrating the history of human spirituality through art. Filled with brightly painted murals, thousands of statues, artworks clad in gold, and stained glass windows of dramatic beauty…” The video certainly highlights the extraordinary nature of the Temples and their intensity as a living cathedral.

One of our collaborators, Ramona from e-xtrategy recently visited Damanhur, and upon seeing the Temples, the Sistine Chapel came to mind! She says, “I haven’t visited the Sistine Chapel yet, and I can’t really do a full comparison yet, but based on the documentaries I’ve seen and the testimonials of those who have been there, I find myself feeling very, very close to their ‘ecstasy’ in finding themselves surrounded by so much splendor. Art is truly the supreme expression of the civilization of a popolo, and this is certainly present in Damanhur.”

To experience the impact of the Temples of Humankind in person, visits and meditations are offered through the Damanhur Welcome Office all year long.