Yes!And… is a series of interviews with some of the guests that visit Damanhur, to share their stories and inspire us to build a more awakened world, together.
In this episode we are happy to host Daniel Coates, aka “Suntara” and his wife Rosarmy. Suntara means “Bringing light to the Earth” and that is precisely what he wants to do through his Sound Healing Music.
Daniel, an Australian I.T. professional working in London, suffered often from anxiety. By chance he reconnected with an old friend, an opera singer and sound shaman. Daniel went to a session in which his friend used his resonant voice for sound healing and was blown away by what he experienced. That was the start of his new life, and the birth of Suntara.

Now Suntara is himself an established and experienced sound healer, traveling all over the world with his wife and children to offer profound sound healing experiences to an increasing number of people.
This summer he visited Damanhur and performed in the Temples of Humankind. In this interview with Esperide, Suntara and Rosarmy talk about travelling the world on the waves of healing sounds.

Watch it to the end to experience a sound guided meditation!

“The power of sound stills the mind so the heart can speak. It clears energy blocks to that the body can heal. It creates space in the being where before there was stress and clutter.” ~

Enjoy also the sound healing session directly from the Temples of Humankind