Prana therapy and the knowledge of Prana energy is as ancient as humankind itself. It’s a technique that uses the vital energy that flows through all life through breathing. Learning how to produce and to get in contact with this energy can have a profound effect on our lives.


1. Get in contact with the vital energy of the universe
Prana means ”life force” and when Prana therapy is used, the healer does not transmit his or her own energy, but connects the person to the the vital energy of the planet, which is in contact with the entire universe. You can also get in contact with, and use, Prana to heal yourself, simply using your breathing. However, you want to give Prana therapy to someone else you need to learn the techniques of this transmission.

2.  Connect to your inner Self
Through the Prana you reach a state of attention of your body and yourself, which as a result gives you a clearer perception of the world around you and a greater connection with your inner Self. As you connect with your true Self, and learn how to recognize it, you also see what’s not your true Self. This awareness helps you to reduce the mental noise that often causes agitation, distraction and self doubt. In this way, Prana therapy can have a profound effect on your life.

3. Say goodbye to stress and anxiety 
When we experience stress or anxiety the body goes into a survival mode, and even though we’re not being chased by a lion, the mental stress that we’re under produces the same fight or fight mode as if we’d had that lion after us. When this happen our breathing becomes faster to help the heart pump out blood to our limps fast so that we can run. Since we don’t need to run, that energy goes lost for nothing, and we often experience anxiety and exhaustion. However, since the physical reaction is fastening up the breathing, we can use Prana as a solution that allows the breath to slow down. This breathing can support the parasympathetic nervous system and activate what is commonly known as the “relaxation response,” reducing stress and its effects on your body and mind.

4. Live longer!
Using Prana breathing techniques can also have an effect on our longitivtiy in life. In the Vedic scriptures it is taught that the faster we breath, the faster we die. Biodemography specialist James Carey found a similar connection in his research of animals life span. He saw the connection that animals who conserve more energy during the total of their lives, done by breathing slowly, are the ones who live the longest. Take a tortoise for example, they live up to 300 years and breathes only 3-4 times per minute, while the average human breathes around 15 times per minute. As the Prana lengthen the cycle of the breath and slow the heart rate, we can extend our life span.

5. Learn to be in service of others
Learning to use Prana therapy is also a tool to be in service to, and help other people to heal. As a healer you help others to get into contact with the vital energy of the universe, and guide them to reflect on the value of their own life. Moreover, studies show that helping others often has a high beneficial effect on ourselves.

So, there you go. Practicing Prana can literally change the quality of your life, so start slowing down your breath today and go deeper.

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