Sometimes, to remind us of the fundamental things that make the difference in life, it can be useful to re-read a list every day, especially if the list is simple, direct and hits the mark. You can carry it in your bag, keep it on the bedside table or put it on the desktop. You can do what you want, but it is important to read it carefully, because it is only your attention that can make it alive and true.

In Damanhur each one of us, in the path of spiritual growth, compiles his or her own list and often many points are in common with those of the others.

Sharing a path of spiritual research with like-minded people creates an important collective energy field, which strongly supports everyone’s path. For this reason we invite you to participate with us in the upcoming spiritual events; the Spring Equinox  and the Summer Solstice, and to share 8 simple, fundamental steps towards enlightenment😉!

Make one change a day, even a small one, but plant the seed of change in your life: you’ll like it! Change is not a remedy for something that does not work, it is a strategy to live better …

Nourish connections with others and create new ones with a few simple gestures, a kind word, and more attention to those close to you.

When you want to be right at all costs, think that the bond you have with others is more important than being right, because loving and having others love you is the only thing that can make you happy.

Thank your body, it takes alot to keep up with you and often you treat it so badly, you do not listen to it and you do not realize it. Stop, talk to it and thank it. It will immediately feel better!

Believe in your dreams and your potential. Believing is a choice, not a consequence: when you believe in the immense strength that is within you, you bring the result closer!

Apologize if you did something wrong or if you hurt someone. If pride prevents you from not overcoming it, remember that you are stronger than your limits.

Look for contact with nature, listen to it: there are wonderful worlds to discover around you, so as not to remain isolated in your little world.

And finally … Smile, smile more even if you already seem to smile enough, it’s never enough!

Although this may mean something to you, know that we have an infinite trust in your ability to make it, to free yourself from the conditioning that still weighs you down. Free yourself and allow the spark that shines inside you to be even brighter!

See you soon!