In the mid-seventies, in the city where the young Falco Tarassaco, founder and spiritual guide of Damanhur, began to make himself known as a spiritual healer, a figure of great relevance was that of Carlo Gustavo Rol. Rol (1903-1994) at the time was already in old age and for many decades he amazed fans of paranormal phenomena for the apparent ease with which he approached clairvoyance, precognition, bilocation, materialization and dematerialization of objects and many other unexplained events. Unlike Falco, who lived his life with a more reserved style.

Falco and Rol knew each other, since they had similar interests and abilities, and a relationship of deep respect was born, although characterized by profound differences. Falco was then a young psychic who wanted to make the debate about the real nature of the human being the widest possible, while Rol was a man of good society, he did not want to extend the knowledge he possessed. Falco believed that the use of powers, and of energy should never be dedicated to personal pleasure or entertainment.

Scientific tests of paranormal phenomena

By virtue of this reputation as a psychic, Rol was often asked to be examined by experts who wanted to see if his phenomena were truly authentic. He always rejected this possibility, replying that the phenomena were not always producible on command. For this reason, he attracted criticism and suspicion that he was an impostor. Falco always spoke of these phenomena as true, powerful, psychic abilities but showed solidarity with Rol regarding the refusal to undergo scientific tests. Nobody is forced to believe anything, Falco said, and he who feels reassured by believing that man has no power, is free to do so.

Both Falco and Rol painted and Rol had donated one of his paintings on canvas to the founder of Damanhur. In it we see two lovers walking along a path.

In the last years of his life, Rol was often a guest in Aval, the Damanhurian community in which Falco lived. Falco organized meetings between scholars of esotericism, philosophy, and occultism in which more or less, well-known personalities participated.

Between play and respect

The Damanhurians who shared Aval’s house with Falco say that between the two there was a recurring joke, which seemed to amuse them a lot: when he arrived at Aval, Rol “moved” the lovers in the painting from one point of the path to another, and when Rol left, Falco “put them back” where the author had originally painted them!

When Rol passed away, Falco said that in his last days the elderly psychic had agreed with him that perhaps in some cases it would be better to direct his energy, his gift, towards precious objectives instead towards superficial phenomena. Why did Falco share this detail? Probably because he believed that this achieved awareness was the sign that Rol was ready to follow another path in the Beyond, leaving old habits and conventions behind him, to reach new spiritual goals.