So many people contact us wondering and asking, “How can I become Damanhurian citizen? What do I do? What is the process? What does it mean?” Like any life changing decision, it’s one to be made not only with the head, but most of all with the heart.

Following the guidance within that knows the path of your soul, that encourages you to follow it step by step, beyond all the fears and doubts and seemingly insurmountable limitations. The first time I came to visit Damanhur 15 years ago, I knew it was home the first day I was here, walking up the Via della Speranza (Path of Hope) in Damjl with Ornitorinco Platano at the beginning of a guided visit. It was an immediate, instinctive and deep knowing.

The path of entry into citizenship is different for everyone, and compared to then, today there are several ways to make Damanhur known to people interested in becoming citizens. There is no predefined path that someone should follow to get to know Damanhur, bellow you can find not so much a to-do-list but possibilities we offer in order for people to learn more and eventually decide to become a citizen.

Visiting Damanhur

Any of the visits offered by Damanhur Welcome Center can offer the context for a first connection with Damanhur. Even a half-day visit gives the opportunity to learn more about the ‘why’ behind Damanhur, its philosophy and mission, but also gives an immersive experience into its energy, a field that gives much more information that any spoken tour can.

Discovering Damanhur courses and schools

The same is true for any Damanhur University course or school that you can attend. Attending a course on astral travel or on dreams, alchemy or healing can spark that desire ‘I want to know more…’. Today, with many restrictions related to the pandemic, the courses are available also online.

Residential programs

The one-month program Community Life Campus has been designed specifically for participants to get an inside look at Damanhur, staying in the nucleo community houses as a part of the family and having experiences in the full range of Damanhur’s aspects: art, community, spiritual exploration, Temples, ritual and magic, sustainability… and more. Participating in this program gives you a space to understand what it’s like to be a Damanhur citizen and to get closer to deciding if it’s a synchronic choice for you.

Deciding you want to become a citizen

You may participate in the School of Medit-Action, joining the spiritual path and bringing the wider values of Damanhur in your life, work and projects. Or you may decide to become a full community citizen of Damanhur, participating to existing projects or creating new ones, bringing Damanhur wherever you are on the planet, maybe joining an existing community or creating a new one, and being fully involved in the spiritual, social and political life of the Federation.

If you do decide to become a citizen, there is a new citizen program that you can join that guides you into deepening an experience, learning, connecting and making a solid commitment, during a trial period that typically lasts at least six months.

Even without becoming a full citizen, there are still many ways to stay connected, and participate to projects, events and initiatives. Damanhur in the World offers Damanhur centers, courses and experiences in many different countries, where you can stay near home and still journey into new worlds.

I am grateful to have come to here during a dynamic and adventurous time when international Damanhur citizens were still somewhat of a rare breed. Now I am excited to see how our community evolves to include ever more people from around the world with different origins, gifts and stories about how they came here and why they feel called to be a Damanhur citizen.

Quaglia Cocco