Quests are dynamic formulas that can be used in meditation and in everyday life. Their formulation is the result of the collective conquests of Damanhur, but each person can interpret them according to their own talents and characteristics.

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The Eighth Quest transports us into a new spiral and a new power of transformation of oneself in virtue of others, of Love, of a collective dream to be handed down, of a widening of one’s horizons to awaken one’s inner divinity. The level of transformation spoken of is not only related to the modification of one’s individual aspects, such as habits, but here, the root or the matrix at the base of the transformation is more “impersonal”, connected to wider and transcendent values.

Those who live in the Eighth Quest, transform themselves because they go beyond themselves for others, thus acquiring the power to transform in turn what is around them, because it awakens the breath of the divine spark in the soul.

This Quest inspires silence, because words can only reduce the scope of emotion, of feeling and of the presentiment that it generates in those who live it fully.

In the Eighth Quest the concept of faith is transformed into the choice of the ideal: an irreversible choice that lasts over time, and which involves knowing how to believe. Knowing how to believe means not believing as a consequence, as happens when we believe something plausible that justifies the act of believing. This concept means to firmly believe in something without having to confirm it outside of us because we are aware that the strength of our belief creates that in which we believe.

The source of generative power is within us, not outside of us, and comes with our awareness, our will, and most importantly, our choice.

The transmission of this understanding generates new awareness that leads to the awakening of this potential and its reproduction. The eighth Quest quotes: “Man is a temporal creature: he reproduces if he is able to generate, to transmit genes.”

Transmitting genes in spiritual terms means to hand down or pass on our Dreams. The Eighth Quest is therefore an open door to the power linked to our ability to dream.