Every night we enter an unknown world, the physical dimension slips away and we begin to receive images, emotions and scenarios. We rarely question ourselves about this phenomenon, but when we do, an entire and unexpected world opens up before us.

I remember, even as a child, that dreams were such an important part of my experience that I could not distinguish them from the memories of real life.

Before coming to Damanhur I had already begun to dive into the mysteries related to the practices of the dream. I kept a dream diary and worked mainly on unconscious emotions and behavior to heal certain situations in my life. Through this work I began to see how closely related our dimension is to that of the dream world. This discovery led me to make many important decisions in my life based on the information I got in my dreams.

When I arrived in Damanhur three years ago, I began to dream more intensely,  differently than before. In the dreams, situations, characters and symbols with which I was not familiar began to appear. It was as if I had begun to dream in another way, linked not only to my personal growth, but also to that of the others.

It was difficult to connect the elements of dreams to the symbolic language I knew and previously used. Talking to other expert dreamers, I realized that it was a natural phenomenon due in part to the fact that I had chosen a life and a shared mission with others, so the messages I received were linked and transmitted on a collective level rather than just personal.

This opened a new chapter for me and started the most interesting part of my study: instead of reading the meaning of dreams from a psychological perspective, I started to investigate the nature of the dream itself.

I have always known that dreaming has a potential inherent in growth and understanding, but in Damanhur I am learning to consider it as an instrument of investigation into the mysterious process that underlies the whole of existence.

Exploring these processes together with other dreamers is one of the greatest adventures of my life.

Celastrina Calea