The new book Falco Tarassaco: the Dream, the Message has finally been released. Soon it will be translated into English and several other languages.

The book traces the general lines of the message that Falco Tarassaco brought to the world through the course of his teachings. It is not only the first book that Damanhur is devoting to its founder – four years after his death – it is also the first time that the foundational philosophy of the Federation of Communities has been collected in a single work.

So, the book presents an overview of Falco’s entire message – from the community to the esoteric path, from art to personal growth, and so on – through excerpts and quotations of his writings and lessons, commented by the author.

I am the author, Stambecco Pesco, a student of Falco and a Damanhurian since the late 1970s.

Writing a book about your spiritual guide is an experience that is… important. I don’t know how to describe it with other words. A student who tells of his own teacher experiences one of the greatest emotions that spiritual life can offer him. He re-reads his own life; he tells about the encounter that has oriented his existence more than any other. He tries to be lucid and objective without losing any of the passion that drives him to tell the stories.

To speak about Falco, I though it would be most useful to speak about his dream and his message, prioritizing this over his figure as a guide, friend and traveling companion. Inevitably I spoke about him a lot, although I believe that this book gives justice to the breadth of his thought and vision, perhaps for the first time.

For 40 years, Falco Tarassaco has spoken about spirituality, esotericism, art, politics, education, cosmogony, solidarity, magic, wellness, poetry and a thousand other things, and this book places each of his reflections in relation to all the others. I think Falco Tarassaco: the Dream, the Message is more than a tribute to an original and generous man. It is an invitation to discover how expansive everyone’s dreams can be and how easily they can be reached, when we decide that we really want to move in the direction of our own happiness, which is only possible in the midst of the happiness of others.

Stambecco Pesco