The Selfica is one of the most original fields of research to which Damanhur has given great development. It is an ancient discipline that creates structures based on precise mathematics, able to connect to specialized energies to concentrate and direct them on human beings and environments, obtaining beneficial effects. Selfic energies are “boundary” forces between material reality and spiritual reality, which can be passed between different levels of existence. To interact with our dimensional plane, ‘selfs’ are used as conductor structures based on metals, particular substances and geometric combinations .

It is said that the Selfica, originally introduced in Damanhur through the research of Falco Tarassaco, was widely used in Atlantis and traces can be found in the Egyptian, Etruscan, Celtic and Minoan cultures. In Damanhur, the research on Selfica is constantly developing and its use in connection with the Circuits and the Sacred Woods is one of the important fields of research.

Selfs for the wellbeing of the person and the environment, for areas of research and personal growth, can be purchased at the Selet laboratory at Damanhur Crea. Available to the public are simple metal ‘selfs’ and more complex structures that combine metals and spheres containing prepared liquids to act as energy transformers. Other selfs combine precious metals and microcircuits made in ink that perform very complex functions.

The largest Selfic structure on planet Earth is hosted by the Temples of Humankind, the great underground work of art that was built by the citizens of the Damanhur Federation. The Selfica of the Temples has among its main functions that of transforming the specific halls into ideal places to interact with Higher Forces for the evolution of all humanity. The use of the Temples’ structures has allowed the development of new lines of research in the field of health and the exploration of time and space.

If you are interested in Selfica, more information can be found in the book: "Spirals of Energy. The ancient art of Selfica ".
A book about a fascinating and mysterious discipline, “Selfica” creates objects made of metal, inks and colors that can interact with the environment in a positive way. Selfic structures enhance personal well-being, sensitivity, and mental and physical balance.