“Breathing is considered by every philosophy as the most vital, most important action that presides over the life of the whole organism. Life manifests itself through the breath, which binds the physical aspect to the subtle and spiritual aspect of our lives. The human being, a creature that leads existence standing up, represents an antenna and, through conscious breathing, can put cosmic energies in space into contact with the Earth in. By breathing we do not store only oxygen but we store “prana”, the positive force, the vital energy, the element that represents the active principle of the whole universe. It is therefore essential to learn to breathe well, applying the most appropriate techniques to perform this function because even if the nervous activity automatically regulates breathing, it is possible, through conscious intervention, to control the rhythm. ” This is what Falco Tarassaco expresses, speaking of breathing and prana, in his Manual of Inner Harmonization , dedicated to the disciplines of self-awareness and energetic contact with yourself.


Breathing marks the rhythm of our life, in the same way as the heartbeat. Breathing, unlike the pulsing of the heart, is a function on which we can voluntarily intervene. It is there also when our attention is elsewhere but it can assume a shape, a value, a very different power if we intentionally drive it, filling and completely emptying the lungs, involving both the nose and the mouth, considering that in addition to the air we also carry prana inside us. Prana is the vital energy that feeds the human being. The universe is permeated with pure energy, it is the divine energy, that is, present in every form, in every corner of the universe itself, and always perfectly coherent and pure. It is divine precisely for this reason, because it is omnipresent and incorruptible. It is what the school of Damanhur calls “primeval divinity”.

Prana descends from this energy and represents its most material part, almost a bridge between the purely spiritual dimension and the form. It is the frequency that sustains the biological life of every creature, like the water that sustains the life of the creatures that swim in it. Being in touch with prana means being in a process of healing, overcoming one’s own psychophysical difficulties and being well. But it is not an element that automatically, by the mere fact of existing, is absorbed by human beings. Even the assumption of prana foresees an act of will. Our energetic bodies, in fact, capture from the atmosphere a minimum quantity of prana, through the receptors corresponding to the adonaj-ba (chakras), but to receive an amount that allows the body to regenerate and heal any diseases, it is necessary to connect to the source of energy itself. In this, prana is like breathing, it lets itself be absorbed spontaneously up to a level that guarantees survival, but it becomes much more generous if we apply it by choice.


How do you connect to the sources of prana? The tradition of pranayama, from Hindu culture, provides that breathing is composed of four phases: inhalation-retention-expiration-retention. In this way, it is possible to absorb prana through the meridians, which are a function of the etheric body, that is, of the most similar to the physical body between the energy bodies. Also according to the School for Spiritual Healers of Damanhur the pranic breathing is the first element to get in touch with this energy and to be able to nourish it in an appropriate way. It is essential in this case that the act of breathing is carried out with care, giving the body and mind the time to realize that we are making an act, the breathing itself, purely instinctive and voluntary. This represents the desire to go beyond the simple human nature and thus connect to an energy of divine nature. Better still, according to the teaching of Falco Tarassaco, is that the first activation occurs through contact with a spiritual healer, who is able to open the contact between the person and the energy, so as to realize the administration of prana. In this way, prana reveals all its nature not of medicine, not of support, but of connection between us and the universe, that is between us and life.