The Grail represents one of the myths that has widely spread in our culture, even if we may not realize it. As an example, let’s just think of the sports, which today attracts huge media, financial and often political interests. The symbol that represents every victory is a cup. From the America’s Cup in the world of sailing to the Davis Cup in tennis and the World Cup, which is awarded to the champion team in soccer. These are all indirect references to the Grail, identified for centuries in a cup or a glass. According to the tradition of the European Middle Ages, up to our own today, the Grail is in fact the container that collects the wine of the last supper of Jesus or, in another version, which collects his blood during the agony on the cross.
The symbolic identification between the sporting trophy and the mythical cup is also underlined by the process that must be tackled to take it over, the trophy must be won on the field, in a fair competition with the opponents at the end of a path in which one by one, have won all the challenges.

Therefore, it is a strongly desired and sought after award. It is the perfect metaphor for the adventure of the spotless and fearless rider, as emphasized by the round table saga, which dedicated its life to the search for the sacred relic, overcoming one obstacle after another driven by faith and courage.

Searching and letting yourself be found

The vision of the Grail that Falco Tarassaco had, leads to the reversal of a part of this myth. The Grail, says Falco, is a huge force that moves through the universes and that represents the greatest form of power with which an evolved being can come into contact. On our planet, at different times, it has manifested itself through different forms and symbols; the last was that of the cup. Today, the symbol that indicates the proximity of this force has changed again and is that of illness. A state of being that leads us to lower our defenses and reflect on the value of life.

This interpretation leads us to see the condition of the patient and our attitude towards discomfort with completely different eyes. The disease is a condition not to be eliminated but to be experiences in its entirety, in order to reach complete recovery, since the latter is achievable only through a profound reflection on the spiritual meaning of life.

The most extraordinary meaning of this vision, however, is yet another. If in the metaphor of the cup the Grail is something that must be pursued, from the knight of past eras to today’s sportsman, in the case of illness it is the Grail that comes to look for you and give you the opportunity to get in touch with it. That is, the Grail is not an objective to reach or find, but an opportunity that life offers you.

Living is the great endevour

Purity, this force seems to suggest, does not consist in preparing oneself for large adventures and expressing excellence in extraordinary pursutes, but rather in doing the same things in one’s own normality, within situations we encounter every day, along the path of our own existence.

Being heroes and knights every day, because the greatest task is to live our everyday life, not just live the grand adventure.
For some, the disease is evident in the physical body, for others it is in our behavior, for others it is a spiritual disease, which prevents us from finding true meaning in our life. We all have the opportunity to get in touch with the Grail because everyone, whether we see it clearly or not, can heal something in his/her life. In this sense, today we are all knights in search of a prize for our own courage.