We can build our future if we rely on our past in an adequate way. Instead of looking at the past through the history of our nations, which we are usually thought in school, you can look at it through the stories of the Peoples of our land and their traditions, and their different practical and spiritual approaches to life. This vision can provide us with useful and practical elements to create a new future.

When we talk about saving our planet we usually talk about saving animals, plants, biodiversity. And it is a commitment that we must make because, otherwise, it is difficult for us to have a future. But we also rarely think about preserving human diversity, that is, safeguarding the diversity of the ways humans interact with life. Saving peoples, their knowledge, traditions, cultures serves the same purpose: to preserve and promote evolution on this planet.

At Damanhur we believe in a future based on small intentional communities, small “tribes”. We have the experience of more than forty years of community life, its value and what it entails. And what we can say with confidence is that community spirit, the sense of unity are fundamental both for our survival and the joy of living.

The Temples of Humankind, witness of what a community of dreamers can achieve, were created to represent and support a new, harmonious relationship between human beings and all transcendent forces. The next dream is to create a new magical space that preserves, shares and amplifies all the voices of wisdom of the Peoples on our planet. To create the “Parliament of Peoples”, we are involving the whole world in planning and constructing it.

This new space aims to be the melting point between the wisdom of the past and the first steps of a new, harmonious future. The project includes ambitious architectural solutions. Like the Temples that were born from a small excavation, also in this case we started from a seed, small, but powerful: the Crystal Spiral, made with crystals from all over the world.

Many traditions recognize crystals as an instrument of contact with the energies of our planet and indigenous peoples consider them powerful tools for evolution and healing. The Crystal Spiral is a place to gather and amplify this type of knowledge.

Waiting for the Parliament of Peoples to be built, this special space is now dedicated to welcoming ceremonies of Shamans from all over the world. In this way, Damanhur helps them affirm their existence and give strength to the values of their People. The orderly atomic structure of the crystals work like collectors and reservoirs of memories, in which the Shamans can “deposit” a copy of their knowledge, so that it can be preserved.

To carry out this project we need you, people who recognize the value of indigenous Peoples and feel the strong instinct to help preserving them. How can you help?

What are the cultures of your territory?

Help us discover and collect the wealth of peoples, cultures and traditions that have developed in the past on your territory. What were their customs? What were their songs? And their language? What were the gods they worshiped? How were they influenced by the living conditions on that territory and how did they themselves influence the ecosystem around them? Knowing more about your past you could discover your hidden talents, useful knowledge on approaching life, relationships and survival, precisely in those unique conditions of the territory where you live. We will collect all the stories that come to us and publish them on this blog, to honor the traditions of peoples around the world.

Do you have contacts with indigenous Peoples?

Are you in contact with some indigenous People who are close to where you live and do you feel the desire to put them in contact with us? Contact us here and share useful information with us and we will be happy to get in touch with them.


By building and weaving connections between the peoples of the planet we can create, on the spiritual level, one great People. A spiritual People made up of many different cultures, but with the same goal, the salvation of this Planet and its riches. And this is a vision of the future that we like to support.

Article written from an interview with Piovra Caffé, responsible for the development of the Temples of Humankind

In case you want to support the creation of the Parliament of People you can do so here.

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