Jacana Campanula shares her story of arriving at Destination Damanhur… with life changing synchronic waves and deep gratitude.

“A woman whom I had gotten close with even if we hadn’t known each other for very long was teaching a course on voice and singing at a center in Spain. We were on lunch break during one of the courses in October 2008, and she told me that over the summer, she had been to a community in Italy. I was excited to hear her stories from this exceptional esoteric place. Atlantis, Selfica, magic, aliens… I was fascinated! So much so that I immediately suggested going to visit Damanhur, and in December 2008, I went there loaded with expectations, along with Nandu’ (the woman who had spoken to me of Damanhur) and some other friends. At the time, I was seeking answers, a different kind of spiritual path. I had been going from place to place for two years, but didn’t find anything that really felt like it was my path.

We were at Damanhur for New Year’s Eve, which we spent in the Temples of Humankind, silently painting with live music playing in this strange environment that spoke to me of many things. It was a exceptional experience that led me to go back every New Year’s Eve from then on. The following days, we did meditations in different halls of the Temples. I also did Inner Harmonizing with Orango Riso, and I liked it enough to enroll in the Damanhur Mystery School. I came back every two months for the courses. We had such a special experience together, full of snow and laughter, amazed by the vision of this community.

Jacana(1)In February, I proposed organizing Damanhur courses in Granada, Spain. Summer came and we went to Gargano, a place in Italy by the sea where Damanhurians often spend a week studying Spiritual Physics and of course enjoying the beach. It was another amazing experience. We were with Damanhurians in a setting where they had time and space to share their experiences with us. These were unforgettable days, with Coyote Cardo’s Spiritual Physics teachings, the lively stories of the Damanhurians, the laughter at mealtimes, the beauty of the people, walks along the beach…

The following winter, I did ten days of work exchange in the Damanhur nucleo community Cornucopia. I worked with the family, ate with them, sang, laughed, chatted and began to see the beauty, possibilities, creativity and strength of the people. There was something that got into me. I wanted that kind of life, I wanted to live in a community, so I decided to organize a community with my friends in Granada.

Then, through a series of changes in my personal life, I finally came to Damanhur to do the New Life experience with the idea of learning as much about the community as I could. It was late 2010, and I came to Damanhur with a small suitcase and a load of fear. And then a new music began to permeate my life, a magical music with new notes and colors. The music of a new world, a new way of life.

New Life and friends at EcoComing to live in Damanhur seemed completely out of the question, because of work, family, friends, my world, my wonderful city where I had the dream to create a community with a group of friends. It was the last thing on my mind, so what happened?

I was walking through the first steps of the New Life program, gradually learning about the different Damanhurian communities, working with them, hearing their experiences, looking into their eyes, remembering …

I learned as much as I could, watching every detail, every gesture… but near the end of the three month program, I did not feel ready, I didn’t feel like I had the knowledge I needed about to go back and start our dream of a community in Granada. So, I instinctively extended my stay at Damanhur a few months, then I got carried away by the wave of synchronicity – that magical flow of events that takes me a voyage in contact with the cosmos. And so, I traveled through outer and inner worlds finding many answers that were sometimes only intuitions. Others I felt certain about: who I am, where is my place, what is my project, who are my people …

At the same time, I went through my daily life disguised as normality. I have had amazing experiences in the material world, inevitable situations that put me to the test again and again.

I have breathed in so much air, so much beauty around me, a vastness that is filled with a thousand opportunities! With gratitude, gratitude, gratitude…

Jacana Campanula


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