When people enter the Hall of the Spheres they are almost at the end of their guided journey in the Temples of Humankind. Usually we stop for a moment in front of the front door to warn everyone to be careful not to touch the spheres, and to say that we are entering the heart of the Temples.

The best things to hear are always the comments of amazement of those who cross the threshold. Perhaps due to the resonance principle, the Hall of Spheres touches the heart of everyone, regardless of their spiritual, religious or secular beliefs.

On the walls and on the ceiling the gold leaf that covers the entire surface keep the energy in the room as pure as possible, since the function of the spheres is contact with the Synchronous Lines, the great rivers of energy that cross the planet and connect it, at the poles, with other forms of energy and life in the universe.

Joking, but not really, we can say that this is the center of our spiritual wi-fi. Even the so-called ‘St. Thomas’, or those who only believe what they see with their eyes and touch with their hands come out of this strange room, amazed at having perceived a particular energy, compared to the complex of the Temples that already in itself is particularly dense with energy …

Has this description intrigued you? Come and experience it for yourself!